Are you looking for a great local company in the Los Angeles County area that specializes in custom architectural and directional signage?

Architectural and directional signs have some clear similarities and often fall under the same category of signs. However, there are some differences, which we touch upon below.

Directional Signs

Directional signs provide directions, and help people find their way. For this reason, directional signs are sometimes also referred to as wayfinding signs.

Directional signs can be small and simple, with just an arrow on them, and just one word. They can also be exceptionally large and descriptive. We can make just a few directional signs if needed, or we can design and fabricate a directional sign package that includes hundreds of directional signs to direct people around a large property, building, complex, office, etc.

Site Signs

Put your name in front of prospective customers with eye-catching yard signs, complete with stakes and frames. Small directional signs point the way to new residential and commercial developments. Curbside signs promote the attributes of rental properties or let you "sign your name" to a service well done and advertise your business. Large site signs provide the information prospective tenants or purchasers need.

Architectural Signs

Architectural signs differ in that they are often monuments or large sign structures that feature directional signage elements incorporated into them (but not always).

Commonly seen at hospitals, architectural signs are the large signs you see when you pull in that resemble a monument coming out of the ground with information and arrows that direct people around the property. These signs typically have images and arrows with some verbiage that show how to get to the emergency room, medical offices, and other parts of the hospital.

We can design, fabricate, and install a series of architectural signs around any property to help direct customers and traffic to the places they need to go.

Before getting started on any sign project, we always speak with our clients about their options, and how to best achieve the goals of their sign project. In the case of directional signs, the outcome is somewhat self-explanatory. The goal of a directional sign is to give people clear directions on where to go.

For other sign projects, the goal may simply be to get more customers, and there are a lot of ways to go about doing that. Either way, to achieve a great result for our customers, it is imperative for us to make sure we have a clear understanding of their goals, ideas, and/or vision. Only then can we best recommend the optimal sign products and options.

At The Sign Studio, we specialize in many different types of signs and graphics for businesses, including architectural and directional signs. If you have any questions about any type of sign product or service, give us a call. You can also email us at, or visit our website for more information.