Are you searching for a great local custom sign company to craft high end dimensional signs for your business?

We make custom signs of all kinds, including dimensional letters and dimensional letter signs. With so many different options to choose from, one area that sets us apart from our competition is our ability to help you choose the best sign option for your business based on your needs and goals. We can help you decide on which sign products and materials to use, and how to save money on large orders for businesses that have multiple locations.


Dimensional letters can be made from many different types of materials. The most common dimensional letters are made from metal, wood, and high-density plastics. Depending on the type of image you are trying to achieve for your brand with your dimensional letter sign, you may want to choose a different material.

For example, if you are an attorney or legal office, you made like the look of a brushed aluminum dimensional letter sign. A technology company may prefer something made from a high-density plastic so we can create a unique font set that may not be available with metal letters. Or perhaps a high-end jeweler wants to project opulence with a gold-plated dimension letter sign.

With so many options to choose from when designing a sign, it is usually best to consult with a professional sign company who is efficient and can deliver an amazing result that will wow your customers.


Using what are referred to as standoffs, we can get create a stronger 3-dimensional effect. The dimensional letters themselves are 3-dimensional and create a 3-D effect when applied directly to a wall or other surface. However, when a standoff is added, a gap is created between the letter and the surface, giving it a much more dramatic 3-dimensional effect. In most cases, stand offs are just a few inches in size so the letters are close to the wall or surface where they are being installed.

Headquartered in Burbank, California, we have been making signs for businesses throughout the Los Angeles County area for over 16 years. If you need help with your next dimensional letter sign, or any other kind of sign, just give us a call. We would be happy to help. You can contact us by phone or email us at info@signstudiola.com.