Handicap parking signs and handicap signs of all kinds........What do you need?

Everywhere you travel in the world, there is some type of regulation regarding public parking. Handicap signs and parking signs are intended to help determine where an individual is permitted to park. Handicap signs are there to determine the optimal spot for individuals with disabilities so that they will not have to travel as far to access the entrance to buildings, and more importantly, in many cases, more room to remove wheel chairs and other equipment needed to get around.

Are you looking for a top-rated local sign company in the Los Angeles County area that specializes in ADA disabled or handicap signs?

We design, fabricate, and install all kinds of signs, including an assortment of handicap signs.  From wheelchair accessible signs to parking signs and handicap accessible restroom signs, we carry stock and we do custom ADA signage of all kinds.

Business owners are required, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, to have specified ADA signage at their place of business.  If they do not comply, they can receive a penalty of up to $50,000 or more. ADA compliant signs are very important issues.


Wheelchair Signs

Common types of wheelchair signs are smaller plaque shaped signs, typically mounted to the wall or mounted on a pole.   It is important for people who need wheelchair access to know where to go when navigating a public place, whether it be a large business complex, or smaller storefront business.


Handicap or Disabled Parking Signs

If you have a parking lot, you are required to have a specified number of disabled parking spaces. Those spaces need to be properly marked with handicap parking signs. That could mean a sign mounted to a wall, or a sign mounted to a pole, as well as graphics painted on the ground.


Handicap / Disabled Signs

If you have restrooms at your place of business, you will need handicap access to those restrooms as well. The appropriate signage is required so people who are disabled know where the restrooms are located.

At The Sign Studio, we’ve been in business for over 16 years helping businesses in Los Angeles County and beyond with their signage needs and questions.  Whether it's handicap / disabled signs for your business, or ADA compliance, we would be more than happy to help you with all your signage needs. If you have any other questions about any other type of custom signs or graphic design, give us a call, or email us at

Handicap Parking and Wheelchair Accessible Signs

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