Monument signs are a great way to make a statement, attract customers and catch attention. 

This is a great sign product for businesses that are located far off the road or have an exceptionally large complex.

Monument signs are typically common at places like business parks where businesses are often located far off the street. It is a great type of sign for catching someone's eye who is driving by and letting them know that there is a business located there. Sometimes a business can be set far back off on the property, perhaps behind trees or another visual obstruction, which does not allow people to see the front of the building.  That is where a monument sign can really help.


Monument signs are also common at churches. Churches are often large buildings and, even if it seems a bit obvious that you are passing by a church, a monument sign can help make sure that the church and the name of the church are seen. 

It also makes a statement about the church itself. A large powerful monument sign made of a material like stone might help portray an image of a church with a solid foundation and faith.

Business Parks

Business parks are one of the most common places to see a monument sign, and they often will feature tenant signs on the monument sign. You have most likely seen one of these and, perhaps, did not realize it was a monument sign. When you enter a shopping complex, often there is a large sign next to the roadside that features a bunch of smaller signs with the names of each business located within the shopping complex. This type of monument sign is a great way to let people know who are passing by in vehicles and on foot what businesses are in the business park.


Monument signs can be constructed from a wide variety of building materials, including wood, metal, stone, marble, granite, and exceptionally durable plastic acrylics.   If you are not sure what would be a good material to build a monument sign for your business, we would be happy to sit down with you and look at some options. We have affordable options that can really get the job done and create a visually modern and attractive look. We also can use very high-end materials if you are looking for a very upscale type of monument sign.

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