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Wood - Sandblasted signs are typically made of either wood or a durable sign foam material called HDU. Typically, redwood and cedar are used for these types of signs because they are often installed outdoors, and redwood and cedar are resistant to mold and wood rot, as well as insects. They are not immune or impervious, but with proper external treatment, like paints and sealants, these types of signs can last for a long time outside.

HDU (High Density Urethane) - HDU is an exceptionally durable foam often used in sign making. It comes in different thicknesses, referred to as weight, which help determine how long the sign will last. The higher the number in weight, the thicker the HDU, and the longer it will tend to last.

Compared to wood, it is much lighter and never has any issues with deterioration from things like mold and wood rot. Also, insects cannot penetrate the highly dense material and damage it like they often do with wood.

However, HDU does not have the strength of wood, making it not an ideal choice for certain situations. For example, a high wind area might need a sign made of wood to withstand high wind gusts.


When it comes to the process of making a sandblasted sign, we use a rubber material, called a mask, and apply it to the areas of the sign that we do not want to be sandblasted. This layer provides a protective coating to the surface of the sign, so when the sandblasting is applied, these areas will remain unaffected.

The parts of the sign without the mask will be microscopically chipped away by the sand grains, essentially being cut away, creating negative space. This technique creates a specific look and feel that is desirable for many types of businesses.


After the sandblasting is complete, we remove all the rubber ‘mask’ material and clean up the sign to prepare it for painting and finishing. Depending on the look that we are going for, we may apply paint to certain areas, or the entire sign. Often, with wood signs, we create a finish that allows the natural wood grain to show through.

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