Do you own a storefront business?

Have you ever considered window graphics or thought about a way to take advantage of your storefront window space to market your offerings and brand your business?

Window graphics are a great way to utilize storefront windows and windows next to high traffic areas. You may understandably assume that having graphics on your windows will block out light and visual contact.  It makes sense to assume that with graphics on windows you would not be able to see in the store, nor would your patrons inside the store be able to see out.

However, they are multiple ways that window graphics can be installed. 

Full vs Partial

We can create custom high-resolution graphics to cover your entire windows for a stunning storefront that is almost guaranteed to catch people's eyes. But if you do not want to cover your entire windows, there are a few things that you can do.  One of those is to install partial window graphics.

This technique involves putting graphics only in certain places on the windows and leaving some negative space open so people can easily see in and out without any obstruction at all. Depending on the storefront, and the type of business, sometimes partial graphics are preferred over full graphics and in certain scenarios can even create more of a stunning overall look.


Another way that you can still allow people to see through your windows, even if they are fully covered in window graphics, is with perforations. Perforated window film has tiny little holes in it that allow you to see through easily when at a closer distance. However, from a far distance, you are unable to see through the holes and it appears as if it is one large full window graphic without holes covering the entire store front.

Window Tinting

One additional great feature of window graphics can be its ability to control the sun and help keep an interior space cooler. For example, if you have a restaurant that gets a lot of afternoon sun, which causes diners to become uncomfortable in your establishment, window graphics are a great solution.  It is a great signage option that can keep your business cooler, which can help to lower your cooling costs, and can also brand and market your restaurant all at the same time.

If you have any questions about window graphics, or any other type of sign product or graphic design service, we would be happy to help. Give us a call today, or send us an email at, and we will help you get started on your next sign advertising campaign.