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Lobby Interior Signs aka Reception Area Signs Show You Off

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Mon, Dec 23, 2013 @ 06:12 AM

This Way In: Lobby Signs For Your Office Make A Lasting Impression

Looking to make a strong first impression in your office or place of business?

One way to accomplish this is by having a well-crafted and designed lobby sign.  Nothing welcomes visitors, promotes your brand and makes a lasting impression like a lobby sign. Take a note next time you see a bad or unsightly produced lobby sign; you’ll agree it shows  unprofessionalism and cheapness.

What exactly constitutes a lobby sign? It’s exactly what the name states; a sign, fixture or stand, generally found in the lobby, entrance or reception area to your business. As with virtually every other type of sign, it is an advertisement, calling card, display and brand promotion all in one. And just like all other branding efforts, your sign should be consistent with your other brand elements; logo, font and overall feel.

Types of Lobby Signs

Lobby signs can be made from a wide array of materials, ranging from the simple to the extremely artistic. These materials include Gatorfoam®, a specially designed foam board, brushed aluminum and Plexiglass, among others. Another option include letters (available in many different fonts) that are “pegged” to the wall, giving an attractive 3D look. This is a particularly popular choice for companies whose name itself (and font style) is its logo.

In addition, these signs can be permanent (mounted to a wall, reception desk or plaque) or temporary (hung from the ceiling, mounted on an easel). This is an especially popular option for companies who use temporary or  “pop-up” office space. It conveys to the public that the same care was used as in a temporary or portable sign that was used in a permanent fixture.

Things to consider

As mentioned earlier, your sign should feature the same brand elements as all of your other collateral. This includes logos, font style and colors (if applicable) that define your company. You want your sign to be one more definable part of your image, not the exception to your brand.

One other thing to consider is how well your lobby sign fits in with the general motif of the space. For example, if all the signs and fixtures in a general area are muted brass, you don’t want a blinking neon outline type of sign that screams “tacky.” Also, the size of your sign should be consistent with the overall environment. A sign that is far larger (or smaller) than others in the same area will stand out, and not in a good way.  Likewise, one that is overwhelming for the space itself (for example, taking up the entire area behind the reception desk) is also something to be avoided. 

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