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Only a Sign Company Offers the Best Custom Banner Printing in LA

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Oct 29, 2014 @ 07:10 AM

Custom vinyl banners Los AngelesDistinctly one of a kind marketing materials pique the interest of potential and current clients while enabling you to stand apart from your competitors in today’s highly competitive business environment. This is why The Sign Studio gets a lot of requests for custom banner printing. Los Angeles businesses can benefit from both digital and vinyl banners for their storefront, event, or tradeshow booth.

Vinyl Cut Banners

There are two main types of banners: vinyl cut and digital. Both have their pros and cons. For just about any budget, colorful vinyl banners can produce a huge impact. Whether in high traffic areas outside or in a busy enclosed retail area, these eye catchers are well suited for all kinds of temporary signage.

We offer dozens of standard vinyl lettering and graphic colors along with a wide array of standard banner colors. Our top quality banners come finished with grommets and hems and can withstand wet weather. We offer installation services throughout the Los Angeles area, or you can try hanging your banner on your own.

Banner Printing Los AngelesFor events that only have a change of time and date each year, vinyl banners are a smart idea. For golf tournaments and other annual events, we can change out the old time and date when you bring it in. In the end, it only costs you a fraction of the price of a whole new banner.

In addition, we can make a basic banner for you if you have offices or apartments in your complex for lease. As different units become available, we can update the square footage, number of rooms, or price information on your banner.

Digital Banners

With even limited budgets, you can have a high impact promotion with large, vibrant digital banners. Add great pizzazz to the simplest banner with full color logos, background textures, and digital photos. When you want to decorate a warehouse wall long term or you need a lightweight, temporary, portable sign for a special event, these attention grabbers are perfect.

Vinyl Banners Los AngelesJust like with the vinyl cut banners, digital banners also come ready to hang (or we can install them professionally) with grommets and hems. They hold up well in wet weather, so they are great for interior and exterior uses.

What makes digital banners great is that the graphics are printed right on to the vinyl using our cutting edge wide format digital printers. Basically, with our custom banner printing, LA organizations can get any image rendered perfectly on top quality vinyl.

Some common uses for digital banners are

  • School and church events
  • Charity and fundraising events
  • Community get-togethers
  • Sponsorships and sporting events
  • Tradeshows

Our Process

Los Angeles vinyl bannersWhen you meet with The Sign Studio for your free initial consultation, we listen carefully to understand your vision and goals for your banner. Based upon this, we will create a design for your approval. If you do not like it, we take your suggestions and go right back to the drawing board. We keep working at it until you are happy. Once we have created a design you are happy with, we use only the best vinyl and ink to create your banner. We can then install your banner for you.

You do not get this kind of treatment when you order online or try a do it yourself system. Going with the pros will save you money and face in the long run. Contact The Sign Studio today to learn more!


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How Wall Graphics Can Benefit Your Store, Event, Exhibition, or Office in LA

Posted by Jean Scheid on Mon, Oct 27, 2014 @ 07:10 AM

Vinyl Wall Graphics Los AngelesWe offer more than just vinyl car wrap advertising at The Sign Studio. We take full advantage of all of the versatile uses for vinyl, since it can be used to produce graphics on an array of different surfaces. One of our main specialties is using vinyl prints with vibrant graphics on the walls of galleries, offices, exhibitions, and stores.

Benefits of Wall Graphics

Vinyl wall décor has a bigger impact than other forms of wall art for a variety of reasons. Since we are experts at removing vinyl, wall graphics will not damage your walls. We are able to peel it off like a sticker without leaving any residue.

Another benefit is that high definition graphics, photo reproductions, and logos can be fully rendered on vinyl. With the use of state of the art, wide format digital printers, an image file can be printed directly onto top quality vinyl. Consequently, compared to traditional painting, you can use vinyl to expand to great widths and lengths.

Wall Decals Los AngelesYou can have a compelling effect by using vinyl to spread your graphics from ceiling to floor. Plus, you can show that your business is at the forefront of contemporary graphic advertising when you go with vinyl art, since it is still a relatively new trend in wall and office décor.

Vinyl décor can be particularly effective in the following spaces:

Photography Exhibits

To let your viewers see even more detail in your shots, use vinyl at your photography exhibits for an added effect. Visitors to the exhibit will feel as though they were right there with the photographer when she took the shot when you use a massive vinyl replication.

Art Galleries

By adding environmental vinyl wall graphics, LA art galleries can enhance their visual appeal. Another great option is to use the vinyl conceptually to add to an existing art exhibition.

Retail Environment

To set the mood in their retail environment, vinyl wall graphics are already being used by the most popular and successful retail stores. The transformation of your store’s aesthetic with vinyl graphics will keep your business fresh and relevant. Your store will have style, class, and color instead of blinding white walls.

Restaurants and Bars

Wall Murals Los AngelesTo add class and character to their interior spaces, many successful bars and restaurants are using vinyl wall graphics. Los Angeles bars and restaurants can set the tone for their establishment by using colorful modern art or beautiful scenes from nature and other tranquil images.

Office Lobbies and Waiting Rooms

You can add to your business’s professional image by using wall graphics in your office’s waiting room or lobby. To give your office an innovative aesthetic, display an artistic photo or graphic. Or, you can up your branding efforts with a massive version of your logo or top selling products.

If you are ready to use the walls of your business, gallery, or studio to their maximum potential, contact The Sign Studio today for a free consultation.


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What Are the ADA Signage Rules for Parking and Drop-Off Areas in Los Angeles?

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Fri, Oct 24, 2014 @ 06:10 AM

ADA Compliance Signs for Parking Lots Los AngelesThe ADA sign rules for parking and drop off areas in Los Angeles can be quite confusing for the layperson to understand. The regulations are packed full of legalese that have lead many frustrated business owners to just give up on the whole idea of being ADA compliant. However, with the potential lawsuits and lost business, this can be a costly mistake. To help you understand the rules, we have put together this simple guide.

Marking Parking Spots

People with disabilities should be able to arrive at a building, approach it, and enter it just as easily as everyone else. There must be at least one route of travel that is accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities. According to the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, some of the requirements for identifying accessible parking spaces are

  • A reflectorized sign must be used to mark each parking space reserved for people with disabilities. This sign must be posted on a permanent basis in a spot that is visible from or adjacent to each space or stall. The sign must consist of the International Symbol of Accessibility in white on a dark blue background. The sign must be at least 70 square inches and be placed at a minimum height of 80 inches.
  • ADA Signage Rules for Parking Lots Los AngelesAt the interior end of the parking space, signs identifying accessible parking space can be centered on a wall. Additional language or an additional sign that says “Minimum Fine $250” should be below the accessibility symbol.
  • Also below the symbol of accessibility, an additional signs that says “Van Accessible” should be added to van accessible parking spots. Once a vehicle is parked in a space, the sign should still be readable, so it should be placed accordingly.
  • At each entrance to off street parking facilities, a sign stating the following must be conspicuously placed: "Unauthorized vehicles parked in designated accessible spaces not displaying distinguishing placards or special license plates issued for persons with disabilities will be towed away at owner's expense. Towed vehicles may be reclaimed at____________ or by Telephoning_____________."

Drop-Off Area Signs

ADA Drop off area signs Los AngelesFor drop-off areas, the majority of regulations have to do with how much space is provided for loading and unloading. There are also specific regulations for ramps. The signage requirements are focused on helping those with disabilities find their way to accessible entrances. For example, all inaccessible entrances must have signs that indicate where the closest accessible entrance is.

All of the requirements for ADA signage are beyond what one can fit into a blog entry, but hopefully, this gives you an idea of what type of requirements there are. To ensure you get all of the right ADA signs, Los Angeles business owners should consult with a commercial signage company. They will have the experience needed to make certain you are up to code.

The Sign Studio works closely with a Certified Access Specialist (CASp), who can identify all that is needed to make your building ADA compliant. To learn more, contact us today.


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What Is Digital Printing?

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Oct 22, 2014 @ 06:10 AM

Digital Printing Los AngelesNearly three decades ago, the printing industry was revolutionized with the introduction of consumer inkjet and laser printers. Before that, the only way to reproduce documents was through offset printing. These days, digital printing technology has improved to the point where any image can be reproduced with sharp preciseness. But, how does it work? Read on to learn more.

Defining Digital Printing

The broad definition of digital printing is any reproduction method that uses dots or pixels and electronic files to produce an image using toner, inkjet, ink, or other pigment or dye based imaging system. Each sheet can contain a different image, and a digital print required no set up sheets, since a digital printer does not rely on a press plate to carry an image. Instead, it redraws the page image for each print; as on a banner for instance.

Large format printing Los AngelesThere are a variety of advantages to digital printing. Los Angeles businesses can get custom work done at a reasonable price, since the image does not need to be re-drawn on each page. This feature facilitates on demand printing for manuals and books, just in time inventory management based on short run lengths, and the use of personalization in marketing.

How it Works

The digital printing process starts with the creation of the images and words that will be printed. This is the document file. The file is converted into a raster graphics image, regardless of the program that is used to design the file and any of its components. A grid of x and y coordinates on a display space is known as a raster. The coordinates to be illuminated is determined by the raster image file.

Since it contains information that is directly mapped to the display grid, you may be more familiar with what raster image files are more commonly known as: “bit map.” Examples of raster image file types are TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and GIF files. You have likely heard of the phrase “ripping.” This gets its name from raster image processing (RIP), a process that must be performed to convert a file into a raster image file, which the digital printer can read.

Its Role in the Signage Industry

Digitally printed banners Los AngelesWhen it comes to digital printing, commercial signage companies typically use what is called large format printing. Los Angeles business can benefit from large, or wide, format printers because they typically render precise images on a variety of materials.

At The Sign Studio, we use state of the art wide format digital printers to print directly on sign material, such as vinyl. We are able to take any image files you have, like your company logo, and render them perfectly on any sign you want made. In addition, your company colors can also be precisely matched with the large format printer. This is usefully for brand consistency: you want all of your marketing materials to have the same fonts, colors, and logos, so you can build your brand recognition.

Now that you know what digital printing is and how it is utilized by the signage industry, feel free to contact us if you would like to utilize this technology to build your brand and promote your business.


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Types of California ADA Compliance Signs

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Tue, Oct 21, 2014 @ 06:10 AM

Types of ADA Compliance Signs CaliforniaIn 1990, Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With the passage of this act, it became federal law that every business and property owner that serves or accommodates the public must make their premises accessible to the disabled. Without dealing with disability access, running a company is complicated and time consuming enough. However, the issues of ADA compliance still must be addressed.

This issue is more difficult to address in California, the strictest state when it comes to ADA compliance. Fortunately, many of the regulations set forth in both state and federal laws can be met by simply placing easy to read signs in appropriate spots. This is where The Sign Studio can help out.

ADA Compliance Signs for California

ADA Signs Los Angeles CAThere are specific requirements for precise types of exterior and interior signage set forth in the ADA. Some of these laws include:

  • Mounting height and location is specific to the type of sign
  • Character height must be sized according to the viewing distance from which they are to be read
  • Symbols may be required to accompany text
  • Signs must have a non-glare finish
  • Typestyle must be sans serif with contrasting colors, such as dark characters on a light background or vice versa

Grade II Braille

There are many interior signage types that also require the addition of Braille as well as following the above requirements. Braille is the raised dots that accompany the tactile text of a sign. In buildings where the public has general access, stairways, exit routes, restrooms, handicap access points, room signs, exits, and other permanent signs are required to have raised number or letters with corresponding Braille characters and even pictograms on occasion.

We Can Help

California ADA compliance signs are our specialty. We have a full line of standard signs in stock. Or, we can make custom signs for your company. This is generally the better move, ADA Braille Signs Los Angelessince custom signs can be made to precisely match your business’s colors and can potentially include your company name and logo. This is helpful in branding your enterprise and helping build trust and convert sales.

Are you unsure about what signs you need to be compliant? No problem! We work closely with a company that is certified through California’s Certified Access Specialist Program. A trained professional can go through your building and determine exactly what needs to be done to make it compliant. With that information, we can determine what signs are appropriate.

Is Becoming Compliant Expensive?

Braille II interior signs Los AngelesMany businesses avoid updating their building to be compliant because they are afraid of the costs. This is dangerous. First of all, potential disabled customers and employees and their advocates will be turned off by your company thus hurting sales. Secondly, you leave yourself open to potential lawsuits. Lastly, we offer ADA compliance signs made from an array of material that fit just about any budget.

If you are ready to make your business friendlier to those with disabilities while also avoiding potential lawsuits, you could buy California ADA compliance signs online, or you can contact The Sign Studio and know for sure that you are getting precisely what you need.


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ADA Signs or aka Americans with Disability Act Signs Help Businesses

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Mon, Oct 20, 2014 @ 06:10 AM

ADA Signs or aka Americans with Disability Act Signs Help Businesses

No matter your business or the property you own, if you have guests you are going to receive individuals with all sorts of different physical conditions. These different conditions might require some assistance in determining where to go and what entrances lead to wear. Simple, easy to follow signs are essential for your facility, as not only does it allow anyone who visits your store or place of business the ability to find their desired location, but it also ensures they can retain their self respect and not have to continually ask for assistance and instructions. Providing this small amount of assistance through appropriate signs can greatly improve your interaction with your clients and visitors, which makes them feel more comfortable with your building, in turn increasing the chances of them returning for repeat business with you and your company.

Some of the different signs you can consider include but are not limited to:

- ADA signs

- Restroom handicap signs

- Braille signs

- Title 24 Signs

ADA signs

ADA, or Americans with Disability Act, is a specific act pact inside the United States to ensure individuals with a disability are able to receive fair treatment and services throughout the country, regardless of the condition they are in. ADA signs are going to allow visitors to your facility, no matter what ailment they might have, navigate through your place of business and fine the necessary services they are seeking. This includes handicap parking signs, directional walkway and ramp signs, not to mention traditional bathroom and facility signs. All of these signs are designed not only to instruct anyone who visits your facility, but those with a disability, so they can freely and easily make it from the parking lot to the interior of the building, all without issue or other problems.

Restroom Handicap Signs

It is important to let individuals know if a bathroom is handicap or not. Someone should not have to wait outside of the bathroom in order to find out if it is handicap accessible or not. With the handicap restroom signs, it is going to allow someone to simply walk up to the bathroom sign and know instantly if they are able to gain access to the restroom or not and if they need to continue looking for a different bathroom. These signs are simple and easy to put up and it does not draw any special attention to it. However, it does allow those with the need of a handicap bathroom the ability to identify such a bathroom and locate one that meets their specific needs.

Braille Signs

Braille is a requirement in many states now and it helps keep your facility compliant with these laws and regulations. It also helps those who have visual disabilities to ability to quickly and easily determine what the door leads to and what they will find on the other side. This way, by the simple addition of braille to the signs, someone can determine what kind of bathroom it is, the room number, what is located behind the door and where they might find a specific service. All of this is designed to help ensure the individual can remain confident in where they are traveling to and what they are looking for.

Title 24

Title 24 covers a large range of areas for your building, but you must comply to everything located inside of Title 24. This includes your signs, the information placed on the signs and how it is used. By receiving Title 24 compliant signs, you can rest assured that everything inside your building is up to code. 

For further information needed for businesses, please refer or download: 

Handicap Accessible Parking -   Info Bulletin / Public - Building Code

ADA Information For Small Businesses


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call The Sign Studio at (818) 843-9200.   

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LA Signs / Banners | 3 Top Tips for the Organization of Any Event

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Mon, Oct 13, 2014 @ 06:10 AM

LA Signs / Banners | 3 Top Tips for the Organization of Any Event

Events are typically planned for the main purpose of bringing people together. An event can be used to celebrate a special occasion, bring awareness to an organization, or help promote a company, or group of companies. Events can span the course of a few hours to a few week, can they can be lavishly planned or planned on a low-budget. Events can also be held at nearly any location, such as the park, hotel, restaurant, convention center, theater, community center, country club, or the city street with the right permits.

No matter what type of event you are planning, where you will hold your event or what your budget for the event is, there are several tips that can help you plan the perfect event for your guests. Below is a look at the top three tips to keep in mind that will help you with your marketing event planning.

1. Decide on the Details

The first thing you need to do when marketing event planning is to start making some of the basic decisions. For example, you want to start by create a workable budget for the event. You also need to make all the main decisions, such as when and where you will have the event, the main purpose for the event, select a theme for the event, create a guests list unless holding a public event, and determine if you will have any prizes. All of these decisions should be determined early on in the planning process.

2. Create a Master Checklist

After the details have been determine, you can start creating your master checklist to be used for the event. This list should include everything you need have accomplished before the event takes place. Be sure to check each thing off the list as it is completed and right down the name of anyone you assigned a task to complete. This will help to make sure that you do not forget anything for the event. You should also create a detailed checklist that can be used before, during, and after the event to keep everything on schedule.

3. Promote the Event

No event would be successful if you do not put time into promoting the event. Before the event takes place, you need to get the word out about the details.the best way to promote your event is to use visual marketing signage. Large banners and sign can be a great solution to this problem, along with flyers and mailers that contain the details of your event.  

However, your event marketing with signage does not stop when the event starts. You also need to use promotions during the event, too. Consider using giveaways with your company’s logo or having the staff wear a special events t-shirt that displays your company name.  Promotional, informative and safety signs can be used during the event to help remind guests as to the main purpose of the event.

Preplanning is the key to having a successful event, so that earlier you start planning and the better organized you are, the smoother the event will run. Remember the importance of event marketing with signage and to order your signs early to have everything in place before and during your event. Immediately after the event, it is important that evaluate how successful the event was and to determine if there was anything you could have done better. This will help you when planning future events and will make the process easier. 

For more information, please see our Exhibitor's Handbook.   For all other inquiries, please call The Sign Studio at (818) 843-9200 or send an e-mail to 

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Los Angeles Sign Company | In Stock ADA approved Signs

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Mon, Oct 6, 2014 @ 06:10 AM

Los Angeles Sign Company | In Stock ADA approved Signs

The Americans with disabilities act protects individuals with a disability,who are qualified,  from being discriminated against by employment agencies, government, private employers, and labor unions. A qualified individual with a disability is able to perform task in a work environment with or without accommodations. Reasonable accommodations made for an employee with a disability includes making a place of business accessible for the person to use. This also involves making certain adjustments to the schedule. Modifications to equipment, devices and examinations are included. Policies, trainings and interpreters are also part of the modifications. Modifications in a facility includes proper sign usage for a person with a disability. 

Requirements for ADA signs

There are certain requirements that ADA signs must meet. Some of these requirements include typography, tactile typography, locations, and mounting heights. When it comes to the typography on the signs, ADA  requires that an acceptable font to be used on all upper case and the font should be raised at least at 1/32". The tactile characters must be san serif. You are not able to make the font italic, oblique, or over decorate it. It is important that the character proportion of the width of the "I" be at 15 percent of the letter height. The width of the "O" should be anywhere from 55 and 110 percent of the height of the upper case "I". You may also want to know that the copy height of the tactile information be at a limit of 5/8 inch and 2 inch. Also the tactile spacing be at a minimum of 1/8 inch and the maximum amount allowed is four times the stroke width. Spacing between the lines of copy have to be at a minimum of 135 percent and the maximum is at 170 percent of the "I". Braille should be placed underneath the characters. The shape of the braille must be rounded. The grade 2 braille must meet dimension and capitalization ADA standard requirements for accessible design. Some of the tactile typography fonts allowed are Arial, BAV Garde_Normal, Frutiger_Normal, Futura Book, Heletica Neue_Roman, and Myraid Pro(MP). The permanent locations of ID signs should be located at the doorways. Only if there is no room can a sign be placed at the nearest adjacent wall. Signs on double doors have a couple of ways that it can be mounted. One way is that the sign be placed on the door that is not being used. If both doors are being used then the sign should be placed on the right to the door at the right. If the right hand side is occupied with other items, then the nearest adjacent wall will do. Signs are to be mounted at a 48 inches to 60 inches above the ground. 

Symbols on ADA signs

Symbols for visual information is also a ADA requirement. The symbol should be located within 6 inches of  a vertical void and the background should not contain a non-glare finish. Braille and characters cannot occupy the same space as the pictograph. Color should contrast with the raised characters to make it legible for individuals with low vision. It is recommended that international symbols are used. For example the famous wheel chair accessibility symbol. Rest room signs must have a 1/2 inch foam tape. This is to separate the pictogram from the font and on a unisex to separate the male and female symbol. A reflective handicap sign for a parking space must be placed 60 inches above the ground, which is measured from the ground up. It is important to meet and be compliant with the ADA standard requirements.

For further information pertaining to businesses and ADA Compliance, please download the following: 

Handicap Accessible Parking -   Info Bulletin / Public - Building Code

ADA Information For Small Businesses


If you need a quote or need further information, please call (818) 843-9200 or send an e-mail to 

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