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Custom Banners, Flags and Tents for Your Next Event!

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Thu, Sep 22, 2016 @ 11:09 AM

When local businesses are preparing for events, they like to come to us for a variety of different signs and graphics. However, flags, tents, and banners tend to be the most popular because they are affordable and do an effective job of getting your name and branding in front of attendees. As you get ready for your fall and winter shindigs, consider contacting The Sign Studio for these custom banners, flags, and tents for events in Los Angeles.

Live Large with Custom Banners

Custom Banners, Flags and Tents for Events in Los Angeles

Banners are heavy duty, portable, and inexpensive. They are essentially smaller billboards that you can take with you wherever you go. There are essentially two main types of banners: hanging banners and banners in stands.

Hanging banners can have a gloss finish or matte finish. We recommend matte banners if you are exhibiting at an indoor event since it will cut down on the glare produced by the lights. Mesh banners are a smart idea at outdoor events since they allow the wind to just blow through without damaging your graphics. Retractable banner stands are useful both indoors and out. Plus, they are easy to setup and transport.

Garner Attention with Flags

Event Banners and Flags in Los Angeles CA

The main type of flag we produce for annual events is feather flags. These signs consist of a stand with the graphics of your choice attached. They are quite similar to banner stands. Feather flags are popular for outdoor events because they catch attendees’ eyes as they wave in the wind. The wide base ensure that your flag does not fall over.

Many of our clients just store their flags between events. However, if your shop is located in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic, we recommend putting it out front during business hours. Thanks to the durable materials we use to make these markers, they will promote your message for many years to come.

Get Protection from the Elements with Canopy Tents

Custom printed Tents for Events in Los Angeles

For the most part, we love the climate in Southern California. Yet, it can be hard to predict what kind of weather you are going to get at an outdoor event. This is especially true during the winter months. For this reason, it is helpful to have a custom canopy tent at your disposal. We can print whatever graphics you want directly onto the tent’s fabric. We get a lot of requests for these from football tailgaters who want to show off their school spirit outside of the stadium.

At The Sign Studio, we do not see much point in having graphics if they are not attention grabbing. You want your marketing materials to feature vibrant, full-color images. So, we use eco-friendly inks that are fade resistant and bright. Thanks to our state of the art, wide format digital printer, we can render any photographs or images on your markers. We will even match your corporate logo precisely.

If you are in need of custom banners, flags, and tents for events in Los Angeles, contact our friendly professionals today for a free consultation.

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We Can Ship ADA Compliant Signs to Your Business!

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Tue, Sep 20, 2016 @ 08:09 AM

Businesses all across the United States are required to meet the guidelines set out by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, many facility managers do not find out about this until they are faced with a lawsuit or fines. And, even then, you might find that there are no sign shops in the area with the experience needed to produce ADA compliant signs. Fortunately, The Sign Studio is here to help you buy ADA compliant signs online.

Is Your Organization Required to Have ADA Signs?

ADA Compliance Signs Shipped to Your Business Nationwide

The only rooms inside of your building that must have ADA signs are the ones that have a permanent purpose. For example, if you have a room that started as a copy room, was converted to a storage closet, and is now a file room, you could probably pass on ADA compliant signage. On the other hand, when you have a conference room that does not change its use over many years, then you will need ADA signs.

Also, the ADA does not require you to label individual office cubicles unless the furniture is bolted to the floor. But, we still suggest that you add compliant numerical signs to identify cubicles since it is useful and affordable. Since you will help employees and guests find their way around, it is usually worth the effort to do more than the bare minimum to make your facilities more navigable.

What The Sign Studio Can Do for You

Need ADA Signs Shipped to Your Business Nationwide?

If you are in close proximity to The Sign Studio, we can send out a certified access professional to perform a site survey and make recommendations for what signage you need to meet ADA guidelines.

It is a little bit trickier for us to make suggestions for our nationwide customers, but we are skilled at looking at floor plans and listening to descriptions of your building and letting you know what markers you probably need.

Wherever your building is located, we can ship standard or custom ADA compliant signs. Custom signs are a little bit more expensive, but they are well-worth the price. Why is that? With custom signs, you have the opportunity to incorporate your logo and other branding elements into the marker. This goes a long way in boosting brand awareness as well as lending a level of authority to your signage.

But, What about Installation?

Fast Turnaround Time on ADA Signs Nationwide

Most of our ADA signs are easy for our clients to install on their own with the kits and instructions we supply. We are also available to provide excellent customer support if you ever have trouble installing your markers. For the more heavy duty jobs, we can mount the ADA markers for you, or we can have one of our many partners across the country help you out.

If you are running up close to your grand opening date or need ADA signs in a hurry for any other reason, buy ADA compliant signs online from us and we will quickly ship them to you anywhere in the US. For a free consultation, contact us today.

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Check Out Our Special Savings on Custom Printed Table Covers!

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Mon, Sep 12, 2016 @ 10:09 AM

Fabric table covers offer your event exhibit a broad range of benefits. They are inexpensive to update, easy to use, and simple to transport. Many exhibitors are concerned about their display having scratched finishes or glare issues. This is not a problem with table covers.

As if there were not enough reasons to choose these graphics, The Sign Studio is offering a September special on discounted custom printed table covers in Los Angeles. For the entire month, you can get special deals on three-sided and four-sided table throws with full-color imprints of your logo. We will examine this offer and how best to take advantage of it below.

What Are Table Covers?

Custom Prnted Table Throws | Los Angeles | Burbank | Glendale CA

Also referred to as table throws and table runners, table covers are loosely draped over the table you are usually provided with at an event to transform it into a branding tool. We suggest using graphics and colors that complement your other display elements, like your typeface, colors, and logo. This will assist in building your brand awareness. We especially like table runners because they offer the ideal cover for the unsightly cardboard boxes commonly used to transport marketing materials from your office to a trade show. Just put them under your table, and event-goers will be none the wiser.

What Is the Difference between 3-Sided and 4-Sided Table Covers?

Special offer on custom printed table throws | Los Angeles | Burbank | Glendale CA

There are two main types of table covers: three-sided (or open back) and four-sided (or full back). Both have their advantage. The open back style makes it easier for people to sit at the table or to access items stored underneath. On the other hand, you should probably be too busy pursuing leads at trade shows to have time to sit. In this instance, a four-sided throw may be better.

Both types can feature whatever graphics you want, are fabric dye sublimation printed, and are made of seven-ounce washable polyester. Since the three-sided cover uses less fabric, it is less expensive for our September special: six-foot covers are just $125, and eight-foot covers are $150. For the four-sided discounted custom printed table covers in Los Angeles, the prices are $150 and $199 respectively. But hurry! This offer ends 9/30/2016!

Where Are Table Covers Used?

Trade Show Printed Table Throws | Los Angeles | Burbank | Glendale

Basically, wherever you want to brighten up a bland table, you can use a table cover. However, we get the most requests for table throws for the following reasons:

  • Trade Shows – Most trade show booths make use of tables. It may serve as a spot for prospective customers to write down their contact information, or you may have displays and brochures available on tables. Be sure to use this space to show off your branding with table runners.
  • Events – If you are hosting a corporate event, you can add a classy touch to your tables with distinguished table throws.
  • Fairs – Are you exhibiting at a job fair? A state fair? Any other affair? Make your name stand out with table coverings!

These are just a few of the ways you can put this visual branding solution to work for your organization. If you are interested in learning more, contact the friendly professional at The Sign Studio today for a free consultation.

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