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Consider Metal Plaques for Parks and Museums in Los Angeles!

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Tue, Dec 23, 2014 @ 07:12 AM

Metal Plaques for Parks and Museums in Los AngelesFor those in the business world, it is well known that metal plaques are superb at presenting an image of longevity. A company using metal signage is also generally seen as refined. However, across the nation, more and more museums and parks are beginning to reap the benefits of these highly desirable signs.

Why Use Metal Plaques?

Zoos, arboretums, botanical gardens, and local and national parks have learned that metal plaques for parks in Los Angeles are great educational notice providers and directional markers. Parks, museums, and other non-profit institutions can count on their signage dollars producing long lasting results with plaques that are well-suited for both prolonged outdoor and indoor usage. Some of the most common uses are:

  • Donor Recognition – Without the assistance of donors, museums would not be able to keep their doors open or meet as many of the local educational needs as they do. The museums integral funding resources come from both corporate and private donors. To draw attention to the good work of these citizens, it is important to recognize them. Tastefully made metal plaques for museums in Los Angeles serve this purpose.
  • Interaction and Education – Metal plaques can be used to inform visitors about the artwork that can be found inside of a museum as well as the fauna and flora they can see outside. Plaques that feature relief illustrations are perfect for children to create rubbings using crayons and paper.
  • Using metal plaques for museums and parks in LADirectional Signage – Metal plaques for gardens, museums, and parks are great for pointing visitors to various administrative offices, educational facilities, and exhibits. Without having to change the feel and look of your markers, you can seamlessly direct the public from the outside of your venue to the inside due to the versatility of these signs.

Material Options

When you are ordering metal plaques for your organization, one size does not fit all. Metal plaques must meet the character of the park or museum as well as the neighborhood. Also, the signage needs to suit the nature of the displays and work with your budget. Since the needs of our clients are so varied, we have chosen the world renowned manufacturer Gemini as our metal plaque supplier.

Bronze and aluminum are two popular material alternatives. Bronze is heavy duty and ideal for the creation of a relief. Aluminum allows for color imprinting and is a lighter weight material. There are also a wide selection of finishes. If weather is of particular concern to you, a clear Memorial Plaques for Parks and Museums in Los Angelescoat plaque is an excellent choice. Or, your plaque can be anodized or enameled with as many as 45 different colors. Other finishes include polished, satin, oxidized, and patina.

We are experts when it comes to mounting your plaque. Depending on how the marker is going to be used, there are different methods for mounting. Signs can be mounted hanging from above, at eye height, seamlessly attached to a wall, tilted, or closer to the ground.

Instead of just guessing at which plaque is best for you, let The Sign Studio help you wade through the many alternatives available. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.


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Do You Need New Trade Show Displays for the 2015 Expo Season in LA?

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Dec 17, 2014 @ 07:12 AM

If you plan on marketing at trade shows in the near future, you will need awesome trade show displays for Los Angeles to highlight what your company has to offer and to grab the attention of potential clients and customers. How well your business does at a trade show is determined by how good your exhibit is. Fortunately, The Sign Studio is here to help.

We get all of our trade show offerings from the Exhibitors’ Handbook. Consequently, we have a comprehensive assortment of displays that work well for any event, trade show, or for anywhere else you need to get attention. In this entry, we will cover the must-have display options.

Banner Stands

Trade Show Banners for LA

We have a broad range of banner stand options and choices. Depending on your budget, we offer mid-range, economy, and premium stands. And, the three main types are telescopic, spring back, and retractable. Of these options, retractable is most popular. The standard features are designed to offer durability, ease of use, and reliability. These stands usually come with a five year to lifetime hardware warranty and a canvas carrying bag for easy portability.

Table Throws & Runners

Trade Show Table Throws and Runners

These are perfect for displaying your message at any event or tradeshow outdoors or in. We offer stretch, printed, fitted, convertible, and imprinted alternatives. And, our sizes range from four foot economy covers to eight foot full throws. Plus, the throws and runners come in 21 vinyl colors or eleven fabric colors. Do not pass up a branding opportunity by having a bare table at your booth.

Zoom Tents

Trade Show Pop Up Tents Los Angeles

If your booth is outdoors, then you cannot go without a Zoom tent. These tents open up to a base size of about ten feet square, which fits about five people comfortably. Best of all, it is easy to transport, since it comes with a compact roller bag. We can custom print your logo or other vinyl lettering on the canopy that comes in five standard colors (white, black, red, grey, and blue.) Whether it is raining or the sun is beating down, the Zoom tent protects against the elements.

Coyote Popup Display Systems

Trade Show Popup Displays Los Angeles

A Velcro receptive or graphic fabric back wall is offered with this fully magnetic popup display system. Coyote popup displays are heavy duty, portable, simple, and multifaceted. Monitor mounts, case to counter conversion kits and graphics, and shelves are among the numerous accessory options in the Coyote line. These displays are an affordable way to make a huge impact.

Orbital Express Truss

Trade Show Displays for the 2015 Expo Season in LA

When it comes to trade show graphics for the 2015 expo season in Los Angeles, you will be hard pressed to find anything that grabs as much attention as the Orbital Express Truss. Setup is easy and does not require tools: just twist and lock. Plus, using the same parts, you can configure these truss kits in a number of different ways. This allows you to vary your booth configurations and sizes and have a different exhibit for each show.

It is not too soon to prepare for the 2015 expo season. If you would like to get ready now, contact The Sign Studio today for a free consultation and quote on trade show displays.


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What Is the Difference between Cast and Etched Metal Plaques?

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Thu, Dec 11, 2014 @ 09:12 AM

Difference between cast and etched metal plaques for LAThere are two main types of metal plaques: cast and etched. On their own, one type of plaque is not necessarily better than the other. It all depends on what look you hope to achieve with your metal plaque and for what purpose it will be used. This entry seeks to answer the question: “What’s the difference between cast and etched metal plaques?”

Cast Metal Plaques

For more than 6,000 years, people have been performing the process of metal casting, and it is still in widespread practice today. These plaques are made by pouring molten aluminum or bronze into a mold of clay or sand crafted to the desired shape. The molten metal is then allowed to solidify. The result is a heavy duty, single piece plaque that can be mounted and finished to fit any purpose.

Cast metal is used to create logos, emblems, and plaques where a sense of architectural depth and permanency is needed. They are perfect for universities, government buildings, and professional offices. In addition, these plaques are available painted, oxidized, polished, and with more than a dozen other finishes. Plus, the manufacturer we use, Gemini, has an environmentally friendly process that uses only mercury and lead free alloys.

To commemorative plaques, we can add a bas relief casting for added dimension and detail. We can create a raised likeness of any image you submit to us. A clay mold is created based on the picture, and then, it is cast for attachment to your plaque.

Etched Metal Plaques

When panels and plaques made with precise detail are of the utmost importance, nothing beats the etching process. Even the most complex artwork can be transferred to copper, brass, stainless steel, or bronze with chemical etching. The image of your choice can be turned into a piece that will be admired for generations.

Finishes for cast and etched metal gemini plaques LA

Some of the more popular graphic options for etched plaques are

  • Line Art – By reproducing a black and white line drawing, a sketch can be etched with fabulous results. The fine lines are captured in exquisite detail.
  • Recessed Graphics – Recessed graphics and text that are paint filled are the standard for etched plaques.
  • Photography – With halftone images, etched photos are created. They have visible dot patterns and resemble newspaper photographs. To contrast with the brushed metal finish, the dots are filled with black ink.
  • Gemini Metal Plaques Los AngelesRaised Graphics – The background is painted with raised graphics or text. This leaves the graphics and text in the alloy color.

Gemini: World-Renowned Plaques

As mentioned above, all of our plaques come from Gemini, a world-renowned manufacturer of metal letters and plaques. For more than half a century, Gemini has been an established name in the signage industry. Plus, they have been producing plaques of top quality for the recognition, sign, and award industries for twenty years. Gemini uses only the best quality materials and guarantees their products for life.

If you are ready for a marker that will last for many decades to come, contact The Sign Studio for a free consultation today.


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What to Look for in Vista Systems Freestanding Signs

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Tue, Dec 9, 2014 @ 09:12 AM

Freestanding Vista Systems Signs for Los AngelesFreestanding signs are typically used to increase visibility near entrances or for wayfinding purposes. There are several kinds of freestanding signs, from architectural aluminum wayfinding sign systems to road signs or simple pavement signs. In addition, they are commonly used as point of purchase (POP) signage in malls and stores, especially near the checkout.

The Benefits of Vista Systems Freestanding Signs

Freestanding signs can be hanging from the ceiling, have 3D images, be mounted next to the cash register, or have post based aluminum sign frames. The options are virtually limitless. This entry will go into the factors we consider when recommending signage and will give you an idea of the versatility of Vista Systems signage for Los Angeles.


The overall appearance of a sign must be taken into consideration if you want it to have a maximum impact. We can help you choose the right pictures, text, special effects, graphics, and fonts to communicate your message. Size is equally important. It is crucial that you pick a size that is appropriate for how far away readers will be standing. Finally, the right colors must be selected to make the message stand out. Vista Systems can be customized to fit any appearance.


Directional Vista Systems Signsage for Los AngelesHow a sign is going to be used will determine the level of durability that is needed. If a sign is only going to be used for a few days leading up to a holiday, then less expensive materials can be used. However, something more heavy duty is needed if the sign is going to be exposed to the weather and needs to last for years. We have options for every need.


It is our job to come up with signage alternatives that match your demands. This is why we go with Vista Systems freestanding signs. Los Angeles businesses can get a high quality sign that meets their budget constraints and gives their business a professional appearance.


Vista Systems signs can be changeable or constant. Consequently, if you would like to use the same sign frame to promote different sales events throughout the year, we would recommend a durable, high quality freestanding sign with different inserts for each of your promotions. On the other hand, wayfinding signs rarely change. This would call for a more Vista System Freestanding Signs for Los Angelespermanent solution.


One of the great benefits of freestanding signs is their portability. With minimal effort, you can swiftly transport signs throughout your business. If portability is not necessary for your needs, we can bolt down your sign, so it will stay put and last longer. However, if portability is important to you, we have many wider-based options that are extra sturdy.

When you contact The Sign Studio for freestanding signage, we schedule a free consultation with you to figure out what your vision and goals are for your signage. Once we have a good understanding of the specific factors for your project, we can make a recommendation that is right for you. Then, with your approval, we create and install the perfect marker for your business.

If you are ready to get started, please contact us today!


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Should ADA Compliant Signs Be Mounted on Doors?

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Dec 3, 2014 @ 10:12 AM

Should ADA Signs be Hung on Doors in LAWhere is the best place to mount your office door signs? Many of the businesses we visit have their signs announcing what a room is used for mounted directly on the door that leads into the room. If the signs are not meant to be ADA compliant, then this is an acceptable practice. However, how should ADA signs be mounted? If they are meant to be used by those individuals with disabilities, then the general rule is to mount signs that carry tactile letters and Braille on the wall adjacent to the side of the door that latches.

Why Do ADA Signs Get Special Treatment?

There is a rather logical reason why ADA signs should not be mounted directly on doors. It is a given that when you place Braille or tactile sign anywhere, it will be read using a person’s sense of touch. When someone opens the door unexpectedly, the person reading the sign Where should ADA Signs be Hung in Los Angelesfaces the possibility of being injured if the sign is posted on a door.

In the blind community, this has already happened to a number of individuals. Blind residents of Los Angeles have been hit and injured when trying to read Braille or tactile signs mounted on doors. This kind of incident can lead to lawsuits, complaints, injuries, bad public relations, and upset customers and workers. No company wants these things.

Mount ADA Compliant Signs Next to Doors

You must always place your ADA door signs on the walls next to these doors to avoid the above issues. To further reduce the possibilities of anything happening to people reading these ADA Signs for Los Angelessigns with their hands, they should be mounted on the side of the door where the latch is. In addition, the standard is to mount these signs 60 inches high from the floor to the middle of the sign. This is where the vision impaired visitors to your building will expect the signs, and the potential for harm will be greatly reduced.

In some instances, there may be little to no space to install the sign on the latch side of the door. There are other installation alternatives available for these instances. For example, the sign could be placed on the nearest adjacent wall to the latch side.

Opening the door to check for the sweep of the door is a good way to test the likelihood of someone getting hit. Measure approximately eighteen inches from this sweep and install the sign at the 60 inch height. This will make sure persons with disabilities who visit your building remain out of the line of fire of your doors.

We Can Help!

Are you still confused about the best way to place your ADA signs? Los Angeles business owners can get help from The Sign Studio as they navigate the many ADA requirements. The Certified Access Specialist that we work with can go through your building and come up with a plan to make it compliant and welcoming to users with disabilities.

Contact us today for a free consultation and quote!


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