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Signs and Graphics for Boutiques in Whittier, CA

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Jul 27, 2016 @ 09:07 AM

There are endless aspects to opening a new location that you have to take into consideration. You need to secure a lease, buy the right furniture and equipment, and you will probably have to remodel the venue. You also need to make sure you have signage in place as soon as possible to create interest in your business. Bésame realized this, so they contacted The Sign Studio for signs and graphics for retail stores in Whittier, CA.

What Is Bésame?

Exterior Signs and Graphics for Boutiques in Whittier CA

After a life-long love affair with vintage beauty, Gabriela Hernandez, a cosmetic historian, designer, and artist, created Bésame Cosmetics in 2004 in Burbank. She founded the vintage makeup brand to honor the spirit, sensibility, and style of female beauty. It is their goal to show the world the strength, femininity, and elegance of women. They have products for the face, eyes, and lips as well as fragrances available at two brick-and-mortar shops or online.

When a business that does so much to help women look their best came to us for signs and graphics for boutiques in Whittier, CA, we were more than happy to help. Bésame is in the process of opening up a second location on Greenleaf Ave in Whittier, and they needed some signage to get a buzz going. We knew just want to do.

What We Did for Bésame

The first step in any of our signage projects is to meet with the client and discuss their goals and vision for their project. At this time, we also performed a site survey. Based on their budget and the neighborhood, we suggested a panel sign and banner. They liked these ideas, and once they approved of the art proofs we provided them with, we got down to work.

For the panel sign, we started with a durable aluminum composite panel that was painted red to match Bésame’s branding. We then added intricately cut dimensional lettering that precisely matches the details of their logo. These dimensional elements were then painted to match the logo’s colors. The banner is made of vinyl. We digitally printed the logo, the client’s website, and “Coming Soon!” directly to the banner.

Once the markers were ready, we worked with the client’s schedule to install them at a time that was convenient for them. As you can see, they are still remodeling their new location, and the banner helps to block the view of snooping passersby. In the end, Bésame was completely satisfied with the work we did.

Let Us Help You Prepare for Your Grand Opening!

Whether you are changing locations, opening up a second shop, or you are starting your first brick-and-mortar business, we can take care of your signage needs for you. The moment the ink dries on your lease, you should pick up the phone and contact The Sign Studio. Based on your budget and goals, we will make recommendations that will make opening your new location go as smoothly as possible. For more information, contact our friendly professionals today for a free consultation.

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Show Employees You're Noticing Them with Salesperson Awards!

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Jul 20, 2016 @ 10:07 AM

One of the most affordable ways to motivate your sales force is with engraved salesperson awards in Los Angeles. Of course, employees love the increase in pay that generally accompanies an increase in sales, but due to the competitive nature of salespeople, pay is not the only thing that motivates these skilled workers.

Engraved Salesperson Awards Los Angeles

When your sales team is battling it out for recognition as tops in the department, you can get more sales out of your workers than any salary increase can achieve. This is why we recommend salesperson awards. Fortunately, The Trophy Studio, the trophy division of The Sign Studio, is one of the top suppliers of these awards in the Los Angeles area. Today, we will look at how you can institute a Salesperson of the Month program and the different types of trophies available to you.

How to Recognize Top Salespeople

Laser Engraved Awards for Top Salespersons in Los Angeles

A good Salesperson of the Month (or really any period of time) program has the following components:

Personal Recognition – To make it simple for the salesperson to regularly view their award, it should be designed for easy display. This will remind them that they are valued every time they gaze upon their trophy. Plus, they will want to repeat the feeling of when they first received the recognition.

Significant Other Support – For many of your salespeople, there is a significant other at home who has to pick up extra household duties to make up for the long hours put in by your employees. A little bit of appreciation for these unsung heroes can go a long way in your workers’ continued efforts to go above and beyond.

Public Recognition – So that everyone in the sales force and organization as a whole knows who the top salesperson is, all awards should be presented in a group setting. There should also be a perpetual plaque in a public area that will list the names of the monthly or yearly winners. This will give everyone something to strive for.

Types of Awards

Buy engraved salesperson awards online

We offer a wide array of award options to choose from. Here are the most requested styles and materials:

  • Glass – We have glass awards in many different shapes, such as diamond, star, column, sail, flame, and more. There are also numerous sizes from large 15” by 7” pieces to small 5” by 3” awards.
  • Plaques – Whether you install them in a prominent place in your lobby or hand them out as awards, plaques are a great way to show recognition.
  • Crystal – You have to go with crystal when only the best will do. We use sophisticated lined presentation boxes to deliver our crystal awards in. The Eclipse is the most popular crystal trophy. It comes in black, amber, and blue. This is ideal for Salesperson of the Year awards.
  • Acrylic – Due to the versatility of acrylic, we can make some outstanding awards. In addition, this material is usually less expensive than crystal and glass while virtually indistinguishable from these other solutions.

If you are ready to buy engraved salesperson awards online, check out The Trophy Studio today. 

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Ways to Use Engraved Plaques for Your Business in Los Angeles

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Fri, Jul 15, 2016 @ 13:07 PM

It is hard to beat plaques when it comes to versatility. There are metal plaques that provide a professional look that will last you for generations. Acrylic plaques can be used for an array of applications inside your venue. No matter the material, The Sign Studio's sister company, The Trophy Studio can engrave your plaque with your custom message. To learn more about what you can do with engraved plaques for your business in Los Angeles, read on!

Where Are Engraved Plaques Installed?

Laser Engraved Plaques Great for Building Signs

Essentially, any sign you could possibly want inside or outside of your venue could be rendered using an engraved plaque. Yet, there are some places where they tend to be more popular:

Building Signs – On the exterior of buildings, metal is the main material used for plaques because it can stand up to all types of weather. However, with the mild Southern California climate, acrylic and PVC plaques will also serve you well. These can be any color to match your other marketing materials. We can even incorporate your logo.

Suite Signs – When you have multiple units within your building, a favorite way to identify the different suites and rooms is with plaques. These plaques can have an engraved room number or name along with an insert holder so you can easily update it. We can also add braille to your suite signs to ensure they comply with ADA standards.

Lobby Signs – If you want to showcase your longevity in an industry, then metal plaques are the way to go. Or, we can engrave a large slab of acrylic with your organization’s branding. Clear acrylic is popular, and we can fill the engraved portions with paint that matches your company colors. Engraved plaques also provide a classy way for you to display important information in your reception area.

Why Use Engraved Plaques?

Buy Laser Engraved Plaques Online

The benefits of choosing engraved plaques are many and varied. We often recommend them for the following reasons:

  • Available in many thicknesses
  • Any colors can be used
  • Ideal for lighted sign displays, especially clear acrylic plaques
  • Matte finishes are available
  • Available in any size
  • Completely waterproof
  • Can be cut into just about any shape
  • Ultraviolet stable and incredibly durable for exterior uses
  • Also quite durable indoors
  • Easy to display and install
  • Any logo, photo, artwork, or design you want can be rendered on plaques

Who Uses Engraved Plaques?

The many uses of Laser Engraved Plaques

Essentially businesses in any industry should consider installing engraved plaques, but some of the most common places where you will find these markers are

  • Dedications and memorials
  • Wayfinding and ADA signage
  • Donor walls to show gratitude
  • Building markers
  • Municipal, city, or town signs
  • Park and museum markers
  • Military offices and buildings
  • Retail stores and restaurants
  • Historic markers
  • Departmental signs

These are just a few of the ways you can benefit from installing engraved plaques for your business in Los Angeles. If you are interested in finding solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of your organization, contact The Sign Studio. We will come up with recommendations based on your budget, goals, and venue. Contact us today!

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Buy Engraved Pen Sets Online!

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Jul 13, 2016 @ 12:07 PM

We have all been in this situation. You want to buy a gift for someone because it is clearly perfect for them, but you balk because it just does not seem personal enough. Perhaps there is a certain person in your life with a unique personality. If only there was a simple way to give your gift that extra panache. Thankfully, The Sign Studio and our engraving division, The Trophy Studio, have just the solution: buy engraved pens online!

When you choose to give personalized top-quality pens as gifts, it shows that you care for the person and that you went the extra mile to make your gift special. Best of all, we are offering a special for the rest of the month where we will give you ten FREE personalized pens with any order over $100 (in July 2016 only so hurry!)

Free Laser Engraved Pens from The Trophy Studio

Why Choose Engraved Pens?

Do you have a penholder nearby? Maybe you have a drawer full of pens? Either way, the next time you are at home, grab a few of the pens closest to you. If you are like most people, you do not actually go out of your way to buy pens for your personal use. You collect them over the years from various sources. The chances are the pens you have in your hands have the names of other companies on them. This is just one of the many ways pens can be used. Here are some more:

Laser Engraved Pens and Desk Sets Online

We also offer laser engraved desk sets!

Giveaways – As alluded to above, people hold on to the pens they receive as giveaways. When you put your organization’s logo, name, colors, and fonts on these pens, then your branding is literally at the fingertips of potential customers. Who do you think they will turn to when they need the services you offer?

Personalized Gifts – If you have ever received an engraved pen as a gift, then the odds are good that you are using this pen instead of the ones given away by businesses at trade shows or other events. As Dale Carnegie pointed out in his best-selling book How to Win Friends and Influence People, the sweetest word in any language is the sound of one’s own name. You can give them the gift of their own name on a high-quality pen.

Employee Gifts – If you have the sort of company culture where your employees are proud to work for the organization, then they will love to have pens with your branding on them to show off. In addition, you might also supply these types of pens for workers to use during their day-to-day tasks. If some of them end up outside of your office, then your marketing campaign is increasing its reach!

These are just a few of the reasons customers buy engraved pens online from us. You could also give branded pens to customers, sponsors, and donors depending on what industry you are in. The possibilities are endless.

One of the key considerations when buying pens is being sure that they work well. After all, no one is going to keep a broken pen around. That is why we make sure our pens are of the best quality. To learn more and to take advantage of our July special, contact The Sign Studio today for a free consultation.

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Need Sign Repairs and Maintenance Services in Los Angeles County?

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Thu, Jul 7, 2016 @ 12:07 PM

Sign Maintenance in Los Angeles County CAOne of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal is your signage. With a one-time investment, you can let everyone in the area know who and where you are. No matter how large or small your company is or what industry you are in, you need top-quality signs to succeed. However, not even the most expensive markers can help you if they are broken or poorly installed. Fortunately, there is no better sign shop than The Sign Studio when it comes to sign repairs and maintenance services in Los Angeles County.

What We Do

To ensure your signage remains a good representation of your organization, we offer a broad range of sign repair and maintenance services. Here are some of the projects we often get called in for:

Adding Sign Protections – We can make certain that your investment lasts for many years into the future with our sign protection measures, including adding graffiti resistant coating, putting on a layer of ultraviolet protective paint, and installing an overhang to shield your markers from the weather.

Updating and Fixing Illuminated Markers – Illuminated signs do not usually light up correctly when there is a burned out light bulb, an animal gets into the electrical equipment, or for a variety of other reasons. We have experience pinpointing the source of your trouble and fixing it. Additionally, we can replace your neon, incandescent, or fluorescent bulbs with eco-friendly, energy-efficient LED lighting.

Sign CleaningBefore your signs malfunction and you have an expensive fix to deal with, it is a good idea to have them cleaned inside and out on a routine basis. By keeping dirt, leaves, and other debris from building up, you will extend the life of your signage and prevent it from failing on you.

We Can Also Install Signs for You

Sign Repairs Los Angeles County CA

These days, there is always the temptation to do your shopping online. And, you can usually find good deals on signage. However, what do you do when your marker shows up, and you have no idea how to install it? We can help with that. It is important that you go with the services of a professional because they know what they are doing and have the right equipment. Plus, your warranty may only apply if your marker is installed by a certified installer.

You can also skip the hassle of working with multiple companies and just buy your signage locally. When you come to The Sign Studio, we take care of every step of the sign-making process from design and permitting to installation and maintenance. You do not get this level of service from an online outfit.

Areas We Serve

From our shop in Burbank, The Sign Studio is proud to offer sign repairs and maintenance services in Los Angeles County and beyond. Some of the communities we serve are Glendale, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Long Beach, Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga, San Gabriel Valley, San Bernardino, Westminster, and more. Even if you do not see your town listed, give us a call anyway. In all likelihood, we can still help you. For a free consultation, contact our friendly experts today!

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How Your Business Benefits from Window Graphics!

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Jul 6, 2016 @ 09:07 AM

Businesses in every industry are discovering that window graphics can serve a wide variety of purposes. These signs are one of the most requested products we offer because they are affordable, versatile, and can last for as long as you want. Whether you run a retail store, office, contracting firm, or any other enterprise, you can get your message across, drive sales, and build your brand with window graphics for Los Angeles. Here are some popular ways to put vinyl decals to work for you:

Advertise Special Deals

Window Graphics Los Angeles

You do not want to forget window decals when you are trying to advertise upcoming deals or sales. Window graphics will get the job done when you want to attract shoppers during the holidays, when it is time to get rid of old stock, and when you want to promote back-to-school shopping at the end of the summer. These days, there are several options available for you, including colorful decorative displays, full-color graphics highlighting your product range, and vinyl lettering that spells out the specifics of your sales.

Put Your Top-Selling Products on Display

Window Graphics Glendale CA

Restaurants, in particular, can benefit from using window graphics to prominently feature dishes that keep customers coming back. We recommend hiring a professional food photographer to take pictures of your best menu items. We will then take these image files and turn them into large, mouthwatering window decals using top-quality vinyl adhesive films and our large format digital printer. Once we install these graphics on the windows of your eatery, hungry foodies will not be able to stay away!

Show Love for Your Community and Clients

Window Graphics Burbank CA

People like to feel like they are part of a community, and they are more inclined to do business with companies that are part of the community. When you show appreciation for the neighborhood you live in, you will nurture this sense of community. This is especially important if you manage an organization that relies on donations and sponsors, like charities, museums, and other nonprofits. After a particularly successful fundraising event, you can use window graphics to let your contributors know that you are grateful for their generosity.

Keep up Appearances During a Remodel

As soon as you sign the lease to your shop, you need to let consumers know that you are coming. Also, as you prepare the location for your grand opening, you do not want to expose people to your paint buckets, ladders, and other construction materials. Perforated window vinyl is the perfect solution to this issue. You let potential customers know about your business while blocking the view of your unsightly remodeling work. Your graphics should include your business’s name, logo, your grand opening date, and information about your niche.

Areas We Serve

From our headquarters in Burbank, The Sign Studio is proud to provide window graphic design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance services to Glendale and the rest of the Greater Los Angeles Area. If you are in need of window graphics for your organization, please consider contacting our friendly professionals today for a free consultation.

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