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Affordable Chemical Safety Signs for Burbank CA

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Nov 25, 2015 @ 06:11 AM

Hazardous Waste Signs Burbank CAAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012, 340 private industry workers died from exposure to harmful environments or substances. To reduce potential liability for your business and to create a safer workplace, The Sign Studio provides a long list of chemical safety signs for Burbank, CA. Read on to learn about what options we can supply for your organization.

Types of Chemical Safety Signs

From gas cylinders and fuel to biohazards and glass liners and everything else, we offer a wide array of simple to understand markers that remind workers of proper safety procedures and other information. Here are some of our most requested solutions:

General Chemical Signs – We offer a wide assortment of ANSI, OSHA, and other custom and popular warning and safety labels and signs related to chemical dangers. This includes “Renovation Work Contains Lead: Do Not Enter Work Area,” “Safety First: Lithium Battery Waste,” “Industrial Waste Only,” and a variety of other markers.

Prop. 65 Markers – California’s Proposition 65 requires businesses to label areas that contain chemicals that are known by the state to cause birth defects, cancer, or other harm. A lot of times you can satisfy the requirements of Prop. 65 with just a sign.

Chemical Safety Signs Burbank CAFuel, Diesel, and Gas – One of the most commonly encountered chemical hazards is fuel. Help keep guests and workers safe with the use of fuel hazard labels wherever you have diesel or gasoline fuels. We offer markers covering every sort of fuel from kerosene to ultra-low sulfur non-highway diesel fuel.

Flammables and Explosives – An explosion on your premises can be devastating to your company. You can minimize the chance for disaster with affordable signage. These markers include “Warning: Explosive Material Authorized Personnel Only,” “Explosives: Keep Fire Away,” “Flammable: No Smoking,” and many other solutions.

Food and Drink Hazards – Use these labels and signs for areas where there are contamination hazards, food and drinks are prohibited, to provide hand washing information, where there is untreated water, and more.

MSDS, SDS, and Right to Know – To direct employees to review chemical hazard information and identify SDS document stations use MSDS, hazard communications, Right to Know, and SDS signs. These can be ceiling mounted, flush mounted, or mounted projecting from the wall.

OSHA Chemical Safety Signs Burbank CADoD Fire Division Signs – Warn of dangers associated with DoD-titled explosives and ammunitions with 6055.9 fire safety signs and labels. If an emergency were to ever occur on your property, these durable fire safety markers will help protect firefighters and workers from the risks posed by these materials.

These are just some of the options we have available. In addition to the standard alternatives, we can create custom markers that specifically suit your needs. For instance, we can incorporate your company name, colors, and fonts into your signs to lend them a higher degree of authority. This also will increase your brand recognition while keeping people safe.

Are you in need of chemical safety signs for Burbank, CA? If so, contact the friendly professionals at The Sign Studio today for a free quote.

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DOT and DOD Hazard Signs for Burbank CA

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Thu, Nov 19, 2015 @ 06:11 AM

DOT and DOD Hazard Signs Burbank CAAccording to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, nearly $2 million in fines are doled out each year by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for violations of hazardous materials transportation regulations, such as failure to placard vehicles as required. This makes it a smart investment to purchase DOT and DOD hazard signs in Burbank, CA. Fortunately, The Sign Studio is the top supplier of these markers for the area.

Types of DOT and DOD Hazard Signs

When you contact us, you will save trouble and time whether you are looking for OSHA or ANSI signs, custom or general signs, or specific DOT placards for your organization. Some of the solutions we get the most requests for include:

  • Truck Operation / Safety Signs – Truck safety is always a concern as professional truck drivers travel nearly half a trillion miles each year. Prominent truck safety signs at the loading dock or on the road can make sure shipments arrive safely.
  • DOD Hazard Signs Burbank CADOD Fire Division – 6055.9 fire safety labels and signs are designed to warn of risks associated with DOD titled explosives and ammunition. In the event of an emergency, these industrial strength markers help protect firefighters and workers.
  • DOT Placards – DOT hazard class placards are part of an international system that communicates the dangers of hazardous materials in transport. They are a critical source of hazard information. Our top-quality, durable placards meet DOT specifications for all nine classes of hazardous materials, including corrosive liquids, poisons, flammable solids, compressed gasses, radioactive materials, oxidizers, flammable liquids, explosives, and miscellaneous.
  • Safety Tape – We have strong safety tape in an array of colors. Options include striped hazard tape, marking tape, danger and caution barricade tape, and no-slip strips and tape. You can also pick from our reflective tapes and pipe marking arrows, including prismatic DOT vehicle marking tape. All of these tapes are manufactured in the United States.
  • Aircraft Hazardous Materials – You are required to display specific notices regarding the transportation of hazardous materials on aircraft as cargo or by passengers under Federal Regulation Title 49. Fortunately, we have the labels and signs you need to comply. Our markers are simple to understand and help maintain a safe environment.
  • DOT Hazard Signs Burbank CADOT Labels – Again, with our DOT labels, we cover all nine of the hazardous materials classes. These will let emergency responders know about the presence of hazardous materials. Not only are these markers required by law, they will reduce the liability of your company and keep employees and other safe.

These are just a few of the alternatives we have to offer. We can also produce any specific marker you want. Though the standards are fairly strict about what your sign can and cannot include, we can meet these requirements. We can also provide you with signs and labels that identify your business and incorporate your branding.

If you are in need of DOT and DOD hazard signs for Burbank, CA, please contact the friendly professionals at The Sign Studio today for a free estimate and consultation.

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Need Fire and Emergency Signs in Burbank CA?

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Tue, Nov 17, 2015 @ 11:11 AM

Fire Extinguisher Signs Burbank CAWorkplace explosions and fires injure over 5,000 workers every year in the United States. Fires in businesses cost billions of dollars every year, and they affect organizations in every industry. You can make your facility a safe place to work and reduce the potential liability of your company by installing fire and emergency signs for Burbank, CA. Fortunately, The Sign Studio is one of the top suppliers of these markers for the region.

Varieties of Fire and Emergency Signs

We get requests for a broad range of ANSI, OSHA, and other custom and standard warning and safety labels and signs related to fire safety. Some of the more popular solutions include:

  • Fire Safety Signs – We offer surface mount, 2D projection, 3D triangle, and ceiling mount fire safety signs. They are all simple to understand and heavy duty. Most are available in bilingual formats and in glow in the dark or standard finishes. Some of the markers we offer include “Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Access,” “Emergency Fuel Shutdown Device,” “Fire Exit Do Not Block” signs, and much more.
  • Fir and Emergency Exit Signs Burbank CAFire Exit – Our fire exit offerings also come in an array of mounting methods and different styles. These markers are a must if your facility is open to the public in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Thankfully, we are well-versed on the requirements set forth by the ADA and can make sure you are up to code.
  • Fire Extinguisher / Equipment – The best way to deal with fire hazards is by preparing. This makes fire hazard signs, appropriate fire extinguishers, and fire safety training a must. You can make all of your fire equipment simple to locate with our fire extinguisher labels and signs. If a fire breaks out in your workplace, this could mean the difference between disaster and safety.
  • Evacuation and Assembly – Direct people to safety and ensure they are organized once they get there with emergency evacuation and muster point assembly area signs. These easy to understand markers provide emergency information and identify gathering spots and escape routes.
  • Elevator / Escalator Signs – Hundreds of millions of North Americans ride escalators and elevators on a daily basis. Few people think about their safety while on these machines. This makes it extra ADA and Braille Fire Exit Signs Burbank CAimportant for you to clearly post fire safety directions and to remind maintenance workers and riders of proper procedures.
  • Emergency Contact Signs – In the event of an emergency, emergency contact labels and signs will provide essential information. We can customize any marker to be bilingual or in any alternate language format you want.

This is just a sampling of what we have to offer. In addition, we can customize any marker you want with whatever wording you require, or we can incorporate your custom branding. This is a smart option because it increases your name recognition while lending a degree of authority to your markers.

Are you interested in learning more? Contact the friendly professionals at The Sign Studio today for a free consultation on safety signs for Burbank, CA.

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ADA and Accessibility Signs for Burbank CA

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Mon, Nov 9, 2015 @ 15:11 PM

ADA and Accessibility Signs Burbank CAWith the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, businesses open to the public are required to make their facilities accessible to people of all abilities. Part of meeting the guidelines is having the appropriate signage in place. Fortunately, The Sign Studio is one of the top suppliers of ADA signs for Burbank, CA.

Types of ADA and Accessibility Signs

There is a broad range of California Title 24, accessible parking, Braille restroom, area of refuge, and other signs that organizations must have. Here are some of the options we get the most requests for:

  • Title 24 Restroom Signs – California has special regulations to make facilities more accessible to handicapped individuals. This includes what signage is used for restrooms. For instance, doorways leading to men’s sanitary facilities must be identified with an equilateral triangle, whereas women’s facilities must have a circle. We offer both as well as unisex options.
  • Car, pool and spa ADA lift Signs Burbank CAAccessibility Assistance – Assistance labels and signs let your customers know about their rights under the ADA and that you care about them. Some of the options we offer are “Accessible service counter,” “Ring bell for assistance,” “Inquire inside for ramp assistance,” “Reserved seating,” and an array of other signs.
  • Pool / Spa Lift Signs – Effective in 2012, the ADA requires spas and pools to have accessible means of entry. Swimming pools must have two accessible means of entry, and spas need to have at least one. Lifts and transfer systems comply with this requirement. You need to label these lifts and also give instructions on how to use them.
  • Service Animal and Pet Rules – The ADA says that organizations that serve the public must allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals into all parts of the facility where visitors are normally allowed to go. Service animal notice labels and signs aid you in avoiding violations of this law and lets your customers with disabilities know they are welcome.
  • Severe Weather / Rescue Area Signs – When people in wheelchairs are in the upper floors of a multi-floor building, they cannot just take an elevator when there is an emergency. By clearly labeling areas of rescue, emergency personnel will know where to find these individuals.

ADA Service Animals Only Signs Burbank CAWe Can Customize Your ADA Marker

One of the biggest mistakes property managers and building owners make is to just go with the cheapest standard ADA signage they can find. They figure it is best to spend as little money as possible on meeting the regulations. However, these businesses are missing a great opportunity to build their name recognition.

We can customize any ADA signs to include your corporate colors, logo, and fonts. This exposes customers and visitors to your building to your brand. Our graphic designers are skilled at perfectly matching the branding you use on your other marketing materials.

If you are unsure of what signage you need to bring your facilities up to compliance, do not worry! We work with a Certified Access Specialist who can go through your building and make recommendations for what you need. To get started, contact our friendly experts today for a free consultation on accessibility signs for Burbank, CA!

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Safety Stickers and Decals for Los Angeles

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Tue, Nov 3, 2015 @ 04:11 AM

Safety Stickers and Decals Los AngelesIn 2013, the most recent year for which statistics are available, the Economic Policy Institute reported that workplace illnesses and injuries resulted in more than $250 billion in expenses. What can you do to protect your workers and avoid these expenses? In addition to keeping your safety equipment up to date and providing adequate training, safety signs are incredibly helpful in preventing accidents. Fortunately, The Sign Studio is one of the top suppliers of safety stickers and decals in Los Angeles.

Types of Safety Stickers and Decals

There is an endless list of safety labels that we provide for local businesses. Here are some of the ones we get the most requests for:

  • ANSI and OSHA Safety Labels – We meet your safety label needs by offering gloss-vinyl decals in an array of languages and sizes. You can easily install these markers by peeling the backing off and sticking them where they need to go using the permanent adhesive.
  • Safety Decals and Stickers Los AngelesCircle Symbol Stickers – The simple, affordable, and quick way to improve workplace safety is with circle symbol stickers. Options include “Do Not Enter,” “Emergency Exit Only,” “Caution: Automatic Door,” and an array of personal protective equipment denotations.
  • Floor Labels – Our durable floor labels are self-adhesive and include permanent acrylic adhesive with a simple to remove backing strip. For high visibility, these American-made decals are printed in bold colors.
  • Body Hazard Stickers – No matter what bodily harm could endanger employees and visitors, we have safety stickers to warn them. Most of these labels do not use words. They are simple, high-contrast images that can be understood by people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Hard Hat Labels – Promote workplace safety and identify key workers with hard hat stickers. We supply hard hat decals for a broad array of topics, such as certified training, crew identification, safety awards, and much more.
  • OSHA Safety Signs Los AngelesFire, Hazmat, and First Aid Symbols – These labels cover a wide selection of potential hazards, including radiation, magnetism, extremely cold temperatures, biohazards, and oxygen in use. Plus, there are signs that denote where phones and shelters are located.
  • Safety Tape – We offer tough tape in a range of colors. Our options include no-slip strips and tape, Danger and Caution barricade tape, marking tape, and striped hazard tape. In addition, we have reflective tapes and pipe marking arrows along with prismatic DOT vehicle marking tape.
  • Prohibited Symbols – Whether you call it the no symbol, prohibition sign, circle-backslash symbol, nay, interdictory circle, or universal no, we have that red circle with the line through it symbol for a variety of commonly prohibited actions.

These are just a few of our offerings. We can also customize any sign to feature whatever message you want or to include your company logo, fonts, and colors. This is important to do to lend a level of authority to your markers as well as help boost your brand.

If you are interested in learning more about safety stickers and decals for Los Angeles businesses, please contact the friendly professionals at The Sign Studio today for a free quote and consultation.

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