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Euro Sign Systems: Affordable Interior Routed Signs for Los Angeles

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Feb 24, 2016 @ 08:02 AM

Do you manage a building that has a constantly changing list of tenants? Or, are the rooms in your facility always changing their function? Do you just need a professional way to identify different rooms and suites? Euro sign systems are the ideal way to address all of these signage challenges. Today, we are going to take a closer look at these affordable interior signs for facilities in Los Angeles.

What Are Euro Sign Systems?

Euro Sign Systems: Interior Routed Signs for Los Angeles

Euro sign systems consist of a metal frame and individually routed sign inserts that are typically made of some sort of durable plastic, such as acrylic or PVC. At the top of the assembly, there are round or square-headed screws that are specially designed to cap off extrusions and lock in the insert holder. To quickly change the information featured on your sign, you just remove the top screws and slide the sign assemblies out.

Euro sign systems come in twenty standard sizes and five anodized colors: yellow gold, satin silver, bright rose gold, matte black, and bright silver. These directories and signs are designed to be tamper resistant. And, the clean lines of the square or round extrusions make for a functional, affordable, attractive alternative for indoor signs.

How Are Euro Sign Systems Used?

Euro sign systems can essentially be used anywhere you need an interior sign. We often get requests for this signage solution for the following uses:

Directories – Any property management company that operates a building with a revolving door of businesses can benefit from using routed signs and Euro sign systems to keep their directories current. We can have new inserts ready for you the same day you let us know that you have a new tenant. We are also able to incorporate suite numbers and other information into these markers.

Suite Signs – Directories can tell visitors where they need to go, but in order for them to know they have found the right place, suite signs are a must. These are just as easy to update as the directories. And, with our routing capabilities, we can include whatever information you want in your new marker.

ADA Signs – The Americans with Disabilities Act requires you to have certain signs in your building. We are well aware of the regulations for signage and can recommend Euro sign systems that will help you meet the standards.

This should give you a good idea of what is possible with Euro sign systems. We can customize any routed signs to match your unique branding, including matching your company colors, fonts, and incorporating your logo.

Are you unsure about whether our cost-effective interior routed signs for Los Angeles are right for your enterprise? No problem! When you call the friendly professionals at The Sign Studio, we will listen carefully to what you have in mind for your venue. We then work with your budget, vision, and venue to produce a number of recommendations for you to choose from. Once you are happy with the art proofs, we get down to work fabricating and installing the signs.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us today for a free consultation!

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Laser Engraved License Plates and Keychains!

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Feb 17, 2016 @ 09:02 AM

If you have been reading our blog lately, you know that we have gone gaga over our new laser engraving capabilities. We are already creating a wide array of custom items for individual and corporations alike, including jewelry, pens, pendants, flashlights, awareness bracelets, awards, wine bottles, and just about everything else. Today, we are going to take a closer look at laser engraved key chains and laser engraved license plates for Los Angeles.

Laser Engraved License Plates Give Your Car Character

Laser Engraved License Plates Los Angeles

We offer a broad range of personalized license plates. From car logo designs and completely customized plates to sports teams and your favorite themes, we can do just about anything. One popular option for those who love to travel or just want to showcase their European roots is European plates. We produce these authentic-looking plates using .032 aluminum.

Our laser cut license plates are of the highest quality and can feature whatever text or logos you want. We get many requests for these from fraternities and sororities. In addition, we are able to imprint any artwork or photos directly to a plate from any image file you supply us with.

Laser Engraved License Plates for Corporate Gifts in LA

Laser engraved license plate frames also give your vehicle a distinguished look. Standard chrome frames are a favorite for engraving. They are made of black matte, bright gold, or chrome plated die cast metal. If you want something a little more durable, solid brass frames are the way to go. Additionally, there are a variety of promotional advertising plates and frames we can design and fabricate. These are ideal for schools, auto dealers, corporate giveaways, organizations, clubs, and more. When you choose high-quality frames, they will boost your brand awareness for many years to come.

Laser Engraved Key Chains Make Great Giveaways

Laser Engraved Keychains Los Angeles

Another must for any auto dealership, repair shop, car rental company, or gas station is custom laser engraved key chains for Los Angeles. When clients drop off their keys, you simply slip one of your key chains onto their key ring before returning the keys. When they have car troubles again, your name and number will literally be at their fingertips. Though most of the key chains we design are rectangular, we are able to produce custom shapes using a variety of different materials.

We can supply your organization with light key chains, coated floating key chains (great for marinas), carabiners, brass key chains, photo key chains, lanyards, and bottle openers. All of these are great options for corporate gifts for clients or employees. When you order in bulk, we can typically offer you a better deal. This will leave you with plenty of giveaways for your next trade show or event.

Are you unsure about what the best solution is for your purposes? No problem! Our friendly professionals will listen closely to your vision during an initial consultation. We can then make recommendations that are specifically tailored to your needs.

If you are interested in learning more about our laser engraving abilities, contact The Sign Studio today for a free quote.

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Buy Laser Engraved Name Tags in Los Angeles!

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Mon, Feb 8, 2016 @ 07:02 AM

Do you run a large business with dozens of employees? How do people know who is whom? An excellent way to help your workers locate their colleagues and to improve communication is with laser engraved name badges for Los Angeles. Even if you have a smaller enterprise with just a few employees, it is helpful for visitors and clients to know who they are dealing with. Fortunately, thanks to the addition of our new laser engraving equipment, The Sign Studio is your premier source for name tags. Check out some of the options we have to offer:

Custom Logo Badges

Laser Engraved Name Tags and Badges Los Angeles

We can create the best quality engraved name badges available using our high-resolution, state of the art laser system. We are able to offer name badges at a lower price now that we have our extensive manufacturing abilities. We supply a broad array of engraving materials and will imprint your custom logo on all of them. We will then engrave each badge with a representative’s name. As customers look at your employees’ name tags, they will be exposed to your branding.

Badge Frames

Laser Engraved Name Badge Frames Los Angeles

Badge frames are an excellent way to give your tags added durability. Each of the frames accommodates an engravable insert. These injection molded frames come in attractive shiny silver, matte black, or shiny gold to name a few. This will add a level of sophistication to your tags. With the badge frames, there is also a variety of fastener options, including strap clips, pocket slides, standard pins, adhesives, swivel clips, and premium magnetic fastener, one of the most popular solutions.

Metal Badges

Laser Engraved Metal Name Tags Los Angeles

Brass, stainless steel, copper, and brass are the most requested metal badge types that we offer. We take pride in making certain each of our clients get exactly what they want from start to finish. We laser-cut each of the badges to your specifications and can handle orders both large and small. Metal badges are ideal if you work in an industrial setting or if you just want to project an image of professionalism and longevity.

Metal Badge Frames

Laser Engraved Metal Badge Frames Los Angeles

Engravable inserts as thin as 1/32” fit in the lightweight solid metal badge frames. There are both clutch back and pinback alternatives. 18 Karat gold plating is used for the gold frames. Imitation rhodium plating is used for the silver frames. There are various sizes available to pick from.

This should give you an idea of what we are able to produce for your enterprise. We believe in providing our clients with custom solutions. So, if there is something that you have in mind, just try us! The chances are good that we will be able to make your vision a reality. For instance, we are able to produce custom sizes and shapes using our innovative laser cutter. This will catch eyes and show that your organization pays attention to details. We do this even without a minimum order. Essentially, your special request is our command.


For a free consultation on laser engraved name tags for Los Angeles, contact the friendly experts at The Sign Studio today.

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