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Los Angeles Signs | Traffic Signage - What would we do without them?

Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Wed, Aug 10, 2011 @ 06:08 AM

Traffic Signs - What would we do without them?

One of the first signs young children learn about is the stop sign. Bold, red and noticeable, children quickly learn this octagon means "Stop!" proving the value traffic and stop signs play in our daily lives from the very earliest age. Signs play a vital role in how we go about business as drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Traffic signs help us navigate, stay safe and build community.

On Our Way
Going from point A to point B doesn't get done without traffic signs. Traffic signs tell us where we are and where we are going. Without them, we couldn't navigate city streets, highways or sidewalks.

Play it Safe
Left turn only? Lane ending? Watch out for pedestrians? Signs work to keep us safe as we drive or walk to our destinations. Traffic and stop signs alert everyone using roadways about what to expect and how to behave keeping us all safer as we travel to our destinations.

Working Together
Through traffic signs, we achieve a sense of community. We all play by the same set of rules created by traffic signs. Together, we keep each other safe and arrive to our destination on time.

Let The Sign Studio be your destination for traffic signs.

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Los Angeles Signs | TRAFFIC AND PARKING SIGNS - For Your Safety and Direction

Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Sun, Sep 5, 2010 @ 23:09 PM

TRAFFIC SIGNS AND PARKING SIGNS - For Your Safety and Direction.  Custom or Standard.

Traffic signs provide proper safety messaging and direction throughout your roadways and parking lots. Parking Signs maintain an organized and regulated parking lot. Parking Signs make it easy to provide specific directions and eliminate confusion. Traffic signs and Parking signs improve safety, prevent accidents and post your policies. Traffic and Safety SignsDepending on what your needs are, you may want to consider reflective, high-intensity or engineer-grade made out of aluminum, steel or polyethylene.   


All traffic and parking signs from all manufacturers are basically made from the same materials - steel, aluminum or plastic.  These materials are susceptible to:

  - Fading from sun damage
  - Rust from rain and mist
  - Cracking from the cold winds
  - Graffiti from vandals


stop sign damage resized 600This can be prevented with a special, unique topcoat called Duroshield.  Duroshield is a tedlar laminate on top of the vinyl sign face which is adhered to the sign's raw material.  This special laminate is so tough that it is able to stand up to the harshest weather conditions and chemicals.  The topcoat is graffiti-resistant blocking solvents and chemicals, allowing graffiti to clean right off and never damage the sign face. 

For more information or questions, please e-mail or give us a call at (818) 843-9200.


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