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Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Tue, Jul 19, 2011 @ 06:07 AM


Here at The Sign Studio we can create office and reception area sign solutions that perfectly capture your business's personality.

Reception signs are the first impression of your brand that your customer sees, while your office signage needs to leave the right impression on both customers and employees. What does your first impression say about you? Whether your company says "neat and tidy," "old school" or "corporate and trendy," we can design the perfect office signs and other visuals that capture the brand and the look you are after and display it proudly to visitors and customers alike.

The Sign Studio specializes in the design and fabrication of many different types of office, reception and lobby signage. By nature of the word "custom," we approach each and every reception and office signage project differently.

Have you ever been in a company's reception area that is so impressively stylish that your concept of their professionalism or importance changed for the better? This is the magic of great design. Even something simple, like some professionally done wall decals, can make all the difference. Regardless of the visual solution you choose, your reception area makes a profound impression. It can make the difference to the value of the contracts you win, and the clients who choose to entrust you with their business. Your reception signage sets the tone and makes the statement, while your entire office sign solutions can often play a large role in customer recognition and retention.

Your Reception Area and Office Signage Can Leave Lasting Impressions
In a Fall 2010 report conducted by Business Week, the look of your office or facility's interior can play an unexpected role in both employee and customer retention.
On the employee side...
70% of the polled individuals stated that their decision to remain at a given job depended on many issues, including the physical layout, proper upkeep and visual appearance of the reception area and office or facility itself.
On the client side...
A group of "first-time" customers and/or clients were polled about their initial experience while at a particular office or facility. Visually appealing and coherently presented messaging played a major role in both their first impression and, more important, their ability to retain physical and visual information about the company and office itself.
Our Reception and Office signage services and products also include:
• Acrylic w/stand-offs
• Cast Plaques
• Dimensional Lettering
• Directories
• Easels • Engraved Signs
• Fabric Banners
• Floor Graphics
• Freestanding Frames
• LED Displays
• Name Badges • Retractable Banner Stands
• Track Lettering
• Vinyl Lettering & Graphics
• Wall Covering
• Wall Frames

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please give us a call at The Sign Studio (818) 843-9200 or send us an e-mail at
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