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How Important Safety Signs Are For Us And How They Keep Us Safe!

Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Fri, May 11, 2012 @ 06:05 AM

How Important Safety Signs Are For Us And How They Keep Us Safe!

Safety Signs - Keeping Us All Safer..........

Big orange diamonds mean Construction Ahead. Bright red octagons mean STOP. Yellow or red triangles mean YIELD. Safety signs like these help keep all of us safer whether we are driving, are passengers or are pedestrians on the roads, streets and highways.

Consider the example of a car accident. One of the first things insurance companies will do is examine the scene and look at any safety signs in place. The signs dictate expected behavior and disregarding those signs can end in disaster.

Safety signs create a set of norms we all learn to follow. By following the rules these signs symbolize, we work together to ensure safety for everyone on the road. These signs and norms are so important we teach them to children at the earliest of ages to help protect these vulnerable citizens.

Safety signs don't stop in traffic, though. Signs to encourage us all to be watchful include signs for hazardous conditions, dangers in natural locations and many other hazards we face each and every day.

The sign pros at The Sign Studio can work with you to create the best safety signs for your location to keep everyone out of harm's way. Contact us today!

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