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Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Thu, May 9, 2013 @ 06:05 AM

SIGN VARIANCE - What is that? Why do I need a Sign Variance?

It is important to work with your sign professional and local zoning department when designing your business signage. A quick check on the zoning/building code will give you a guideline to use when developing your signage.

Sign Variance Picture

Sign variances become necessary when unique circumstances exist for a property that do not allow for adequate identification of the business. Most sign variances are requested for the purpose of exceeding a municipality's square footage or setback allowances. A quasi-judicial board of elected community members will hear your case and make a decision based on the characteristics of your specific request. Many communities request that you consider and provide answers to the Duncan Factors (used for consideration of area requests).

These are seven factors which the board must answer before approving your variance request. Please find these factors, summarized below:

1). Will the property provide a reasonable return without the variance?
2). Is the variance substantial?
3). Will the surrounding properties be adversely effected by the variance?
4). Will the variance inhibit government services (fire, police, ems)?
5). Is the hardship self-inflicted?
6). Is there a reasonable alternative to this variance?
7). Does the variance follow with the keeping of the zoning code? (Minimum amount needed)

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