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Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Thu, Jun 27, 2013 @ 06:06 AM

Pasadena & Glendale Sign Company | Sign & Banner Designing

Three Tips for Designing an Effective SignWhat is the first thing most customers notice? Signs! Strategically placed, uniquely branded, and carefully designed signs can add traffic and revenue to your business. Effective signagecan be the key to growing your business and grabbing a larger chunk of the market.

What makes an effective sign?
A sign's visibility:
The sign and message should be readable from a customary viewing distance - consider whether most of your potential clients will view the sign as a pedestrian or while traveling in a car. This will determine where a signs is placed, where on the sign the graphics and text are located, and what size your sign needs to be.

A sign's readability: Will they be able to easily view and understand your sign? The size of the graphics and text on a sign is also important. Can your customer read what is on your sign? If you don't have room for large letters you should consider using light colored letters on a dark background. This will provide a high contrast for easy viewing.

A sign's aesthetic: Is your sign pleasing to look at? Customers tend to be drawn to signs with pictures or graphics and producing a sign in full color is even more beneficial. Using a border on your sign design will help frame your message and can help provide a clear, concise message.

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