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LA Sign Co. | Custom Signs & Banners Will Always Do You Right!

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Mon, Jan 20, 2014 @ 06:01 AM

Los Angeles Sign Co. | Custom Signs & Banners Will Always Do You Right!

Stand Up and Shout! State Your Case With A Sign

Need to attract attention? Advertise a grand opening or special sale? Want to cement your brand in the minds of the public? Nothing helps to leave a great impression like a banner sign does. It helps define your business and a well-designed sign will attract plenty of eyeballs. If you’re a retail business looking to increase sales (and what retail business is NOT looking to increase sales?), all signs point to, well signs. In the bricks-and-mortar world of business, signs and banners still rule.

Reasons for Signs

Branding is one of the most valuable reasons for a sign. An attractive sign with high visibility is vital for any business to actively compete in these tough economic times.  No matter how old school it may seem, an attractive, quality sign is still one of the best ways to drive traffic to your business. Having a well designed, quality sign is important for your branding, advertising your location and promoting any sales or special offers you have.

Types of Signs

You need to use the appropriate type of sign for your unique situation. Signs can be secured to a wall or pole, hung in a window or be temporary, a category which includes vinyl banner signs that can be hung or suspended. There are also flag style banners and signs that have enjoyed increased popularity in recent years. These tend to be colorful and are extremely easy to set up and take down.  Another consideration is how much lighting the sign is going to be exposed to. If there’s bright lighting or strong glare, using a matte finish will help increase visibility.

Things to consider

Where your sign is located and what type of conditions it is expected to endure are two of the most important considerations. The elements can fade and/or damage a sign. These include sunlight, wind, rain and snow. If you plan on using a vinyl banner sign, consider one with wind slits in it to keep it from blowing away or becoming damaged in high wind conditions.

You’ll also want your sign to be designed with your logo, branding, colors and any other elements of your business marketing.  This includes contact information, store hours and any other pertinent information.

So whether it’s for branding, advertising your business, promoting sales and other specials or simply to increase foot traffic, a sign is essential for any type of business with a physical location and puts your message out there for all to see. 

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