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Important Signs Your Business Needs - Title 24 Standard Signs

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Wed, Nov 20, 2013 @ 06:11 AM

Important Signs Your Business Needs - Title 24 Standard Signs

No matter your business or the property you own, if you have guests you are going to receive individuals with all sorts of different physical conditions. These different conditions might require some assistance in determining where to go and what entrances lead to wear. Simple, easy to follow signs are essential for your facility, as not only does it allow anyone who visits your store or place of business the ability to find their desired location, but it also ensures they can retain their self respect and not have to continually ask for assistance and instructions. Providing this small amount of assistance through appropriate signs can greatly improve your interaction with your clients and visitors, which makes them feel more comfortable with your building, in turn increasing the chances of them returning for repeat business with you and your company.

Some of the different important signs you can consider include but are not limited to:

- ADA signs

- Restroom handicap signs

- Braille signs

- Title 24 Signs

ADA signs

ADA, or Americans with Disability Act, is a specific act pact inside the United States to ensure individuals with a disability are able to receive fair treatment and services throughout the country, regardless of the condition they are in. ADA signs are going to allow visitors to your facility, no matter what ailment they might have, navigate through your place of business and fine the necessary services they are seeking. This includes handicap parking signs, directional walkway and ramp signs, not to mention traditional bathroom and facility signs. All of these signs are designed not only to instruct anyone who visits your facility, but those with a disability, so they can freely and easily make it from the parking lot to the interior of the building, all without issue or other problems.

Restroom Handicap Signs

It is important to let individuals know if a bathroom is handicap or not. Someone should not have to wait outside of the bathroom in order to find out if it is handicap accessible or not. With the handicap restroom signs, it is going to allow someone to simply walk up to the bathroom sign and know instantly if they are able to gain access to the restroom or not and if they need to continue looking for a different bathroom. These signs are simple and easy to put up and it does not draw any special attention to it. However, it does allow those with the need of a handicap bathroom the ability to identify such a bathroom and locate one that meets their specific needs.

Braille Signs

Braille is a requirement in many states now and it helps keep your facility compliant with these laws and regulations. It also helps those who have visual disabilities to ability to quickly and easily determine what the door leads to and what they will find on the other side. This way, by the simple addition of braille to the signs, someone can determine what kind of bathroom it is, the room number, what is located behind the door and where they might find a specific service. All of this is designed to help ensure the individual can remain confident in where they are traveling to and what they are looking for.

Title 24

Title 24 covers a large range of areas for your building, but you must comply to everything located inside of Title 24. This includes your signs, the information placed on the signs and how it is used. By receiving Title 24 compliant signs, you can rest assured that everything inside your building is up to code. 

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