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Clean up after your "Pet" sign - How Important they really are....

Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Mon, Jan 9, 2012 @ 06:01 AM

Clean up after your Pet Sign……How Important they really are….

The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws) began this project in 2002 to address the public health issues caused by pet waste.

Did you know dog droppings are one of the leading sources of E. coli bacterial pollution? One gram of dog feces contains over 20,000,000 E. coli cells. The cumulative effects of thousands of animals in a metropolitan area can contaminate soil and water if they are not properly cleaned up after.

Residential and commercial yard signs can help remind pet owners to be responsible and pick up after their pets. Individual homeowners who have highly-trafficked front yards in an urban area may want to create and post a sign asking pet owners to “scoop the poop.” Apartment complex managers in buildings that allow pets should certainly post signage to remind tenants to respect the shared space. If a waste problem persists, it may help to provide a plastic bag dispenser underneath the sign.

A professionally made sign in plastic or metal will hold up outdoors and look better than a hand-made cardboard sign. Let The Sign Studio representatives help you create a visual communications piece that keeps your yard and city cleaner.

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