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Sign Plaques - In Style and Last Forever...Bronze, Brass & Aluminum

Posted by Julie Ramirez on Mon, Jan 13, 2014 @ 14:01 PM

Bronze Brass Aluminum Plaques

Sign Plaques - In Style and Last Forever...Bronze, Brass & Aluminum

There is something about a professionally designed metal plaque that indicates a businesses' performance and stability. Various metals have been used over the years for that purpose. Bronze as an example is held in the highest regard and has been used for signs and plaques since ancient times to mark and commemorate famous sites, rulers and events.

Today, variations of Bronze and Aluminum Plaques are used for a multitude of purposes including: dedication plaques, logo plaques and a host of other purposes. These enduring metal plaques are traditionally used in a number of situations that call for special recognition for achievements, contributions, donations and related purposes. Examples of how Bronze and Aluminum Plaques are used are listed here.

  • Recognition

It is human nature that those sponsors, benefactors and contributors to various causes, charities or academic and businesses love to be remember for their deeds. A classy but unpretentious way to accomplish that are with a personalized Bronze and Aluminum Plaques used as Dedication Plaques or Logo Plaques. Metal Plaques instill importance to the contributions of these people that will last permanently at the site of those good deeds and accomplishments, preserved for posterity for the ages.

  • Commemoration and Fund Raising

Creative sorts involved in notable causes have used plaques as a fund raising tool. For example, personalized plaques commemorating a cause are sold to contributors to raise money for that cause. Those plaques are often personalized with that person's name who in turn proudly displays it on his building or in his office.

  • Identification

Bronze and Aluminum Plaques are used in and on some of the most prestigious buildings in virtually every city and town across the nation. There is something quite stately about using an impressive metal like bronze to mark the location of  a historical building or of a building that is otherwise significant. People seem to relate the richness of bronze to importance and significance, a tradition that has gone on for centuries all through the world.

  • Informational Plaques

Bronze and Aluminum Plaques, Dedication Plaques, Logo Plaques, Metal Plaques are quite often used to provide the public with information relating to a specific site These are some examples of Historical Information Plaques:

Company Founding Date

Date when building construction originated

Principals partaking in the dedication ceremony

Original Building Owner

Using bronze and metal plaques as dedication Plaques or company logo plaques are often used by organizations and businesses. These metal plaques can be easily customized to represent a specific era and made to look as old as the information contained.

·        Custom and Personalized Plaques

Modern techniques allow a custom bronze plaque to be made in small production runs as small as one individual piece. That same modern technology used by highly skilled and creative in-house signage experts at The Sign Shop can create  intricate designs and custom fonts, patterns and logos that reflect your personal or corporate style and image. Using artwork submitted by our clients, images can be added to metal signs or logos. Color and patina can be added and plaques can be artificially weathered to add even more authenticity and age. The results are a beautiful custom sign that adds a distinctive look and a sense of history to a place, person or event.

Give our company an opportunity to impress you with our impressive custom signs. Contact the experts at The Sign Studio today for classy, affordable sign plaques. 

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Make sure your Dimensional Sign Letters have a Lifetime Warranty!

Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Tue, Mar 27, 2012 @ 06:03 AM

Make sure your Dimensional Sign Letters have a Lifetime Warranty!

Lifetime Warranty On The Sign Studio's Dimensional Letters? Absolutely!

There are some instances when the signage you buy comes with a lifetime guarantee and Gemini lettering is just what comes to mind. Gemini has become a familiar supplier to many sign fabrication concerns for this very reason! The warranty covering lettering, custom logos and shapes extends to fading, breaking, as well as defects in the manufacturing process. This represents a true cost saving that protects your investment in this portion of your sign. Whether you order individual letters for mounting directly to your building or storefront, or integrate the lettering for mounting on an exterior post and panel sign or monument, the fact remains that you are making a very smart investment choice. The material finishes are rigorously tested to withstand extreme environmental conditions and this process is continually refined. Like most signs, periodic maintenance, like dusting and washing them with mild dish soap, will keep your lettering looking great for years!

The Sign Studio is proud to supply Gemini lettering, like the metal laminates pictured above, to our customers. Other options range from molded plastic, cast and cut metals, or metal faced lettering mounted to a variety of substrates. Feel free to consult with us about your choices in lettering style, size and mounting options, as well as Gemini aluminum and bronze plaques.

If you have any further questions or need more information, please call us at (818) 843-9200 or send us an e-mail at


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