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Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Fri, Mar 11, 2011 @ 07:03 AM


Creating a logo for a business or company is a critical aspect of communicating a first impression to the right audience. The design must convey the correct feel of the company and should be direct and immediate, by translating and simplifying the essence of the business into the simplest of terms. If a logo concept seems weak or cheap, people may have that same association with the company.

How The Sign Studio Creates a Strong Logo Design?

There are many schools of thinking in the approach to logo design and creation. We strongly believe you will first have to know the business that you are designing for and the audience that they want to attract. Research, research, research!

We like to stay away from visual clichés. Example, a musical note as an icon for a piano store is a bit too obvious, but sometimes this cannot be avoided (or is the best solution altogether) and needs to be accepted and dealt with creatively.

McDonald's logo could have went with a juicy burger next to the name, but instead they took the first initial "M" and created an icon that was both simple and visually pleasing to look at as an asymmetrical element. Burger King, conversely, took the other route and put their number one product right into the logo, a stylized hamburger. The design is sharp and immediate. Without any gradients, it utilizes the boldness and contrast of flat colors to stand out and be noticed in a professional yet fun way.

Once a concept is preliminarily talked about and research has been done, we sketch out the designs and create pencil sketches. We then design in a vector-based illustration program, typically Adobe Illustrator or FLEXI. The initial layouts are created in black and white and once approved, color designs/samples are produced for Customer review and approval.

Creating an effective logo from concept to finish is always a challenge that we like to take on with new and interesting clients.

The Sign Studio is a full service design team with an on-site Art Director for all your needs. Feel free to call us (818) 843-9200 or send us an e-mail with any questions at


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