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Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Mon, Oct 17, 2011 @ 06:10 AM

Magnetic Car Signs

You see them everywhere…magnetic car signs. Chances are you have either seen someone advertising their business with car magnets, or you yourself are advertising using car magnets. One thing is for sure, if you do use magnetic signs for advertising, the last thing you want is to pull over and find out that one or both of your magnetic signs have flown off of your vehicle. There are several reasons for this happening.

  1. You may have inferior magnetic sheeting. Make sure that when investing in car magnetic signs that you get the strongest possible material. The highest grade of magnetic material is 30 mil.
  2. You may have installed your magnetic signs improperly. The general rule is you want to place your car magnetic signs on the flattest smoothest surface possible. This means no placing the car magnetic signs over emblems or molding and make sure you avoid any freshly repaired or bondo areas where there may be less steel to help adhere your magnetic signs to the body of the vehicle.
  3. One other reason your magnetic signs could blow off could be that the corners of your magnetic signs were not rounded. If your corners are straight edge cuts, after time these corners tend to curl up or “dog ear” which allows air to get between your car magnetic and the vehicle surface. All it takes is a small pocket to let air in between and next thing you know you are dodging traffic trying to retrieve you magnetic sign(s) that just blew off.

Ultimately, you just want to make sure that when purchasing car magnetic signs, you are getting the best possible quality magnetic sign material on the market. Also, make sure that you take care of them and perform routine maintenance to ensure that you get the maximum affect from your magnetic car signs. Taking the couple of minutes to ensure that your magnetic signs are clean and free from debris, could be the difference between you and your competition. Your customers can’t read your advertisement if your magnetic signs are laying on the highway instead of your vehicle door.

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Los Angeles Signs | Vehicle Magnets - Care & Maintenance

Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Sun, Dec 5, 2010 @ 22:12 PM

Magnetic Signs

Instructions for Magnetic Sign Installation and Maintenance

THE SIGN STUDIO uses the finest magnetic material to bring you the best in mobile magnetic advertising. Correct preparation, installation, maintenance, and storage procedures should be followed, see (Sections 1 – 4.) Following these instructions will help to ensure your satisfaction and to safeguard the long life of your signs and vehicle.  Due to the many variables and complex nature of automotive finishes, special care must be taken to protect your vehicle: check the area behind the magnetic material weekly and move the sign as necessary to prevent any discoloration or clouding of the automotive clear coat.

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  1. PREPARATION: Wash and dry vehicle. To protect your signs and vehicle, wax vehicle surface and the brown magnetic side of the sign prior to applying.
  2. INSTALLATION: Magnetic signs can only be used on smooth steel surfaces. They CANNOT be used on simulated wood-grain panels, fiberglass panels, panels that have been repaired with a non-steel filler (such as ―Bondo), or on any corrugated or other irregular surfaces. If necessary, magnetic signs can easily be cut with a razor or X-Acto knife to work around body molding or other obstructions on the vehicle. Apply one edge of the sign to the vehicle surface in the desired location then roll the sign onto the vehicle surface until the entire sign is installed flat onto the vehicle surface. If the magnetic sign is not placed in the desired position, carefully remove by reversing the installation steps and then repeat the process. (Do not try to rearrange the sign by pulling when it is stuck magnetically onto the vehicle. This might stretch the magnetic as well as scratch the vehicle paint!)

*** Note: A magnetic sign should never be applied to a newly painted vehicle. Allow at least 60 days for fresh paint to cure.

3.    REMOVAL & MAINTENANCE: Remove the signs from your vehicle weekly. Always remove the sign by lifting from the center of the two opposite sides—never start at the corners, as this may stretch the sign material. In cold weather, preheat the sign with warm water before removal, if necessary. Once the signs are removed, wash and dry the vehicle and all sign surfaces. This keeps moisture from collecting between the signs and the vehicle surface, which can potentially damage a vehicle’s finish. To clean the signs, use a sponge and a mild soapy water solution. Never immerse the signs in water, steam clean, or take them through a car wash. A generous coat of wax on the surface where the sign is placed and on the back of the sign itself will help prevent damage. After rain or snowfall, remove signs and wipe dry.

4.    STORAGE: Magnetic signs should be stored either on a flat, even surface, or rolled up (lettering to the outside) around a cylinder with a diameter of at least 3”. Never store magnetic signs in a hot vehicle, as they may permanently warp. Do not damage signs by folding, creasing , or placing any heavy objects on top of them. This type of treatment will prevent the signs from retaining their full magnetic power. If a sign does get bent out of shape, you can try to straighten it by placing it on a flat metal surface, such as a file cabinet or refrigerator. If you cannot straighten the sign, it will need to be replaced. WARNING: Automotive finishes and protectants vary by manufacturer; changes in color, shade, and surface appearance can occur with time, daily usage, and exposure to direct, intense sunlight. For care of your automotive finish, please refer to your vehicles Owner’s Manual.

Please give us a call at (818) 843-9200 or send us an e-mail at if you have any further questions.

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