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What Are the Most Common Sign Colors for Sign Design?

Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 @ 06:02 AM

What Are the Most Common Sign Colors for Sign Design?

Did you know.......different colors and fonts appeal to different personalities, and if you really want signs that attract, you'll make an effort to understand to whom what color goes with your personality. Here are the most common examples and top 3 colors used:

Red: Red is exciting and active - it suggests boldness and efficiency, and is appetite-inspiring, hence McDonald's use of red (as well as yellows and oranges). As you can see, red especially appeals to "Emulators," or people who are sales-oriented and talkative. Red implies urgency.

Blue: Blue is the most widely used color in appealing to businesspeople and entrepreneurs called "Achievers." Blue is serene, suggesting wisdom, dignity, and stability, hence the wide use of blue by banks. Men prefer blue to red and are supposed to prefer blue to red because it is more restful to the eye. Blue is businesslike.

Green: Green and other earth-tone colors appeal to the vast group called "Belongers." These people are the "middle America" people - usually employees, family people, and definitely relationship-oriented. They enjoy green, browns and golds. Earth-tones are friendly.

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