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Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Mon, Apr 15, 2013 @ 06:04 AM

Buying a Custom Sign
Every business organization wants to look their best at all times. A great way to do that is with a high quality sign that projects the right image for your business. Many are surprised to find that getting a custom made sign seems easy at first, because there are many sign shops/manufacturers to choose from, only to find that the information required to obtain a quote is confusing. Some of this is due to lack of experience on the part of entrepreneurs as they may have never had a sign made, but the problem can be compacted by sign makers if they are not experts in the sign industry. Know your options and what will work best for your everyday use.

Custom Sign Options
First you must determine where your sign will be located and the drawing that you want to use to narrow the field of materials and custom options for your sign. The biggest factor is whether the sign will be protected from the elements inside/outside or where it will be exposed to the weather factors. This should be considered for the sign material. The agenda will be the budget for the sign, since the cost will be directly connected to the material used, the number of colors and a custom design is needed.

Inside Custom Signs
Indoor signs are usually much cheaper than their outdoor counterparts because they are in a protected environment. You no longer need to worry about strong winds, rain, snow, animals or vandals. Considerations should be made so that the sign blends with the building design and still captures the attention. Material options include custom interior signs, plastic, aluminum and PVC with variations that are a combination of the above substances, such as Dibond or Aluma-plastic signs.

Outdoor Custom Signs
Outdoor signs face many threats, including weather, animals, vandals and other external factors. The first step to an external sign is to verify the legal restrictions from your city, province and the owner or operator of the property. You may need special permission to hang a new sign or have a certain size, color or material requirement/limitation. Knowing this, before you begin your sign design will be very helpful.

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