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Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Mon, Oct 31, 2011 @ 06:10 AM

All About banners and Vinyl Banner Printing

Vinyl banners are an ideal multi-use reusable advertising product. For both interior and exterior uses, vinyl banners are the perfect material for conveying a message. Sporting events, religious gatherings, retail advertising, trade show promotions and just about any other type of message you might want to send can be stated on a banner.

Banners can be as simple as a one word message such as “SALE” or as complex as a full color photograph depicting a new product. Size is not a problem. How large or small a space do you have for displaying your banner? Banners can be printed to the size of a multi-story building or as small as a table top display. Vinyl banners are a versatile material that can be fabricated with sleeves stitched for poles or reinforced hems and grommets for installation over a city street.

There are many different banner weights and strengths for all types of installation situations. Vinyl banners can be easily washed with soap & water, are made of a soft pliable material that can be and rolled for easy shipping and storage.

There are two different methods of producing your image on a vinyl banner. Adhesive vinyl film that is computer cut and applied to the face of vinyl banners or digitally printed vinyl banners on a large format printer. The evolution of banner making has come a long way. First, there were hand-painted banners, then there were adhesive vinyl film applied to banners and now, most common is digitally printed banners. A combination of digital printing and adhesive vinyl film can be used when you want to reuse a banner year after year and just change the date and time of an event. Usually adhesive vinyl banners are produced when the lettering and graphics are simple and one or two colors. Digitally printed banners are produced when a photograph or multicolored graphic or background is needed.

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