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Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Tue, Feb 19, 2013 @ 06:02 AM


Do you need more business? Is your client base dwindling, in need of a drastic overhaul or just needs to increase? Are referrals and other marketing techniques not permitting customers to provide you with the necessary sales to increase your profits exponentially? Well, the solution to your problem may be the exciting, innovative and customized signage The Sign Studio creates.

One of the best ways to drive sales dollars at any business is to market in a manner that is consistent with the standard of quality and expectations of the company. The Sign Studio uses high quality techniques and services that will take your business to the next level. With innovative, thought-provoking and eye-catching graphics, your business will be given a dynamic, visual platform that will drive sales.The Sign Studio provides a myriad of signage that can be customized to meet the needs of any business. State of the art techniques are implemented to provide the highest quality orders. Custom creations are readily accessible as well in the form of graphic design. From banners to site signs to window graphics to vehicle graphics and monument signs, one or all of these types of signage can be created and utilized to advertise your business.

The Sign Studio will provide your business with the catalyst it needs to drive sales and increase profits. Place your order today!

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please give us a call at The Sign Studio (818) 843-9200 or send us an e-mail at

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Signs, Banners, Sales and Grand Openings - Let's Celebrate!!!!!

Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Wed, Jun 6, 2012 @ 06:06 AM

Signs, Banners, Sales and Grand Openings - Let's Celebrate!!!!!

Signs, Banners and Sales!

Have you considered how new customers find your business or learn of your product? There are many types of advertising and ways to grow your business; direct mail, social media, print ads, the Internet, and word of mouth are all effective ways to find exposure. Yet none of these outlets are as prevalent, or permanent, as well constructed, thoughtful custom signs.

Signs are one of the most effective, efficient, and cost conscious forms of media available to businesses. Signs advertise to people passing your establishment who normally may not know of your business or products. Signs tell people what you are selling, promote your brand, and are directly focused on the trade of the business.

Signs are affordable - if you compare the cost of signs to other advertising media, a well designed, on-site sign is quite inexpensive.

Signs are for everyone - the use of signs is practical because reading signs is beneficial. People read to remember and they retain the information on signs for future use.

Signs are on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week - this can be considered non-stop, repeated messaging about your business, brand, and product. Every time a customer passes your business, they see your sign; the simple message repetition will help them learn and think favorably of your business.

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please give us a call at The Sign Studio (818) 843-9200 or send us an e-mail at

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Los Angeles Signs | Are Mesh Banners the same as Vinyl Banners?

Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Fri, Jan 27, 2012 @ 06:01 AM

What are mesh banners?

Mesh banners are lightweight outdoor banners, printed on special vinyl that has holes throughout the banner. They look similar to a sports jersey. The vinyl mesh is very fine, so you still see the design on your banner.  Vinyl banners are opaque.

What are mesh banners good for?

Mesh banners are great outdoors because the wind flows right through them. For the most part, mesh banners last longer than regular vinyl banners outside because they reduce wind resistance. That means less wear and tear on your banner’s hem and grommets.

Besides making your banner last longer, mesh banners make it easier to read your message because there are no big wind slits or wrinkles. Mesh banners lie flat much more easily because the wind goes right through them.

Whether you are placing a large banner over the street for a few weeks, or hanging a small banner in a windy area, mesh banners ensure that people will be able to read your message, and your banner will hang outdoors for a long time.  Mesh banners are recommended in windy areas. 

If you have any questions or need further information, please give us a call at (818) 843-9200 or visit our website at – You can also reach us by e-mail at


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Los Angeles Signs | BANNERS & FLAGS - Powerful Attention!

Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Wed, Apr 6, 2011 @ 07:04 AM

Banners & Flags

Get your message across with big, bold banners and flags. At The Sign Studio, our banners and flags provide a powerful way to draw attention to your product, event, business or organization. Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, hanging or in stands, there is no better way to make an impact. Durable, flexible and portable, banners and flags keep working for you—again and again.


Attract new customers and grow sales with one of the most cost-effective advertising methods available. Banners are seen, read and acted upon over and over again each day. Whether you want to create product awareness, introduce special pricing, promote an event or draw visitors to your tradeshow booth, colorful indoor banners are a sure way to make an impact and generate excitement.

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Draw attention and awareness to your business or organization—or promote an event, product or service—with high-impact outdoor banners from THE SIGN STUDIO.  Highly visible everywhere you go, banners are a versatile, durable and affordable way to get noticed, even from a distance.


Make a statement with colorful flags from THE SIGN STUDIO.  Whether you want a polyester pennant string, a company logo or a grand patriotic flag, we offer a wide variety of flags to meet your needs. Choose from a range of sizes, materials, colors and designs, all made to be durable for use indoors or out.

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If you have any questions or need further information, please contact THE SIGN STUDIO at (818) 843-9200 or e-mail us at


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Los Angeles Signs | Create Sign Banners that get your ATTENTION!

Posted by Julie and Chris Ramirez on Mon, Apr 4, 2011 @ 07:04 AM


Here are some statistics about basic color combinations, font styles, margins and graphics usage in successful banners.
Since the primary goal of a banner is to grab the viewer's attention and then communicate a message, the banner should be readable and visually attractive. The following steps are a good place to start to create an appealing and attractive banner, and to maximize its effectiveness.

1. Choose appropriate font styles.
Avoid using more than two type styles on a banner. The more fonts used, the harder it is to read. Sans serif fonts like Helvetica, Futura and Antique Olive are the easiest to view from a distance. They should be used for the primary message on your banner. Likewise, serif fonts such as Goudy, Benguiat or Times are appropriate for a secondary message. Fonts such as Old English Text or Engraved are almost impossible to read correctly from a distance and should only be used when the viewer is stationary for a period of time (such as in a conference hall, meeting room or retail store) to be able to absorb the entire message at their own pace.

Take into account the type of business or event where the banner will be used. A bridal shop or beauty salon banner can be dressed up with a script font such as Brush or Commercial Script; however, these fonts would be out of place in an auto parts business.

Also, try to stay away from using all upper case lettering on your banner. It can be used for one word or a line of text for emphasis, however, it takes the human eye longer to read and process words in upper case.

2. Use Graphics Appropriately
Logos, clip art, borders, etc. can effectively be used to grab the viewer's attention, but should not overpower the sign's main message. If the viewer is only concentrating on the cool clip art or graphic, the message has been lost.

As a signage professional, we have already developed an eye for what works and what doesn't so if you need our help or have any questions, please give us a call. As you drive around your community, look around at all the banners grabbing for your attention. Notice the ones that stand out. Mentally take a note about one or two elements of the banner design that grabbed your attention in the first place.

3. Consider viewing distance and viewing time.
"How far away will the banner be from the viewer?" If a grand opening banner will be on the front of a business with a large parking lot between the storefront and the street, the letter height must be large enough to be viewed by drivers on the street. Also, keep in mind that a driver only has about 1.5 - 3 seconds to read a message while in motion. The chart below will help determine the correct height vs. viewing distance.

Banner Distance Chart 

4. Use effective color combinations.
The following chart shows the most readable and successful color combinations in order of viewing effectiveness. Color combinations with high contrast between the background and letters are easier to read and can be viewed from greater distances. Always consider the type of business or event when choosing colors. Pink, purple, teal and orange colors aren't shown on this chart, but still can be used for certain holidays, special events or parties.

Banner Color Chart

5. Banners need margins and white space.
Margin widths are usually the most abused spaces on a banner. Common errors include stretching letters and graphics to fill the entire banner to the edges, or the text and graphic is too small for the sign and the margins are too big. A general rule of thumb is to have the top and bottom margin be 10% of the height, and right and left margins be at least as wide as one of the banner's main font character width. For example, a 48" sign should have a 4.8" top and bottom margin. A three-foot wide banner should have at least a 3" margin on the top and bottom. Avoid filling the empty spaces of the banner with graphics. White space helps keep the viewer's eyes concentrated on the text.

Although these are good general guidelines, they might not always produce desired visual results. Use your own discretion and intuition. Creating attractive and effective signage is essential.

If you have any further questions or need The Sign Studio to design your banner or signage, please give us a call at (818) 843-9200 or send us an e-mail at

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